A woman’s unsympathetic brother filmed the moment she pulled off her own eyebrows after a DIY face mask went horribly wrong.

Genella Pabianes Carabbacan, 22, decided to try out the charcoal beauty products in a bid to get rid of blackheads and clear up her skin.

But she forgot one vital thing.

Genella applied the sticky mask to her face – neglecting to read the instructions which advised not to cover hair and eyebrows.

Amusing footage shows her struggling to remove the product before it tears out her eyebrows at home in Isabela, Philippines, on February 4.

Genella was excited to try out the face mask
Genella could barely stand the pain as she peeled the mask off

went viral and several beauty clinics came forward to offer Genella micorblading and threading to restore her look.

She said: “I was just crying because I didn’t have any eyebrows. I had to shave the rest of tthem for them to regrow properly together.

“It was funny, and emotional. But it was more down to my stupidity. I should have read the instructions. The lesson is to always check and research cosmetics before using them.”

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