If you liked my How to Make a Face Mask Out of a Tee shirt guide, you’re gon na like this! Think about that as the starter version and this one is for the pros. As discussed lots of times on this site (and lots of others), we remain in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that has actually caused an international lack of protective devices for our medical workers.

Among the biggest lacks remains in face masks, inarguably the most important thing to stop the spread of Covid-19. Fortunately if you have a stitching machine and some material, you can assist. The mask you’ll find out to make above is presently being utilized by multiple health centers, I understand since we made the masks and provided them to healthcare employees by means of our new task Cover Colorado!

You’re going to hear a lot more about that soon however the essence is it’s our mask making and contribution non-profit we started recently with our excellent buddies at Winter Session. We arranged a network of 175 (and growing!) volunteer house sewers, we give them pre-cut material, they make masks, we give those masks to health care employees and individuals in need– since this writing have donation ask for 42,892 masks!

I’m dealing with a series of much bigger pieces about that, we plan to make the entire project open source and reproducible by any and all of you who may desire to do the exact same in your area. And likewise for you to provide us cash! Even with all volunteer labor, materials cost us about a dollar a mask and we’ve got a methods to go.

(Sidenote: if you run a big health care conglomerate and your workers have to ask a denim blog writer for devices so they do not literally die on the task, you need to resign immediately and be forever shamed out of public life.)

However anyways, this video was made with those volunteer sewage systems’ sets in mind, so do not be thrown when I mention it. Sorry about the auto-focus, it was just me crawling around my apartment or condo with a tripod! Here are those downloadable pieces I mention in the vid:

Make masks, make good friends in your community by providing them away, ensure all of us survive this together!

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