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While many individuals are wearing their neckwear (generally reserved for outdoor adventures) as face mask options, it’s likewise possible to turn that lightweight neckwear into a DIY no-sew face mask. Below are a couple methods in which you can turn your Absolutely Tubular into a face mask or face covering.

Option 1: Standard Face Mask

Turtle Fur Ambassatur Betha takes us through how to make a no-sew face mask utilizing her Totally Tubular (which she normally wears when on the mountain, snowboarding, or on the water, fly fishing). Here is what you need to make this in the house:

– Turtle Fur

Detailed Directions:

1. Fold your totally tubular in half, lengthwise.

2. Get your 2 hair ties. Put one hair tie around each end of your folded tube, and slide it about 1/3 of the way down.

3. Take the outdoors thirds and fold them over the hair ties, to rest on top of the middle 3rd.

4. With television folded over, get by the hair ties, protecting the folded tube over your nose and mouth and looping the hair ties around your ears.

5. Pat down to protect a contoured fit around your nose and mouth.

Choice 2: Traditional Face Mask with Filter

We have actually also seen people including a pocket and filter to their Totally Tubular Do It Yourself face mask. For this option, you will require:

– Two hair ties

* please note that we do not consist of filters with the sale of our Completely Tubulars or face masks* (you can likewise use a paper towel – as seen below – or other filter kind of your picking)

A single-use, universal PM2.5 Triggered Carbon Filter accompanied by an evaluation certificate. Filters can minimize the amount of fine particulates inhaled outdoors and indoors. Common particle sources are dirt & & dust, pollen, smoke, or smog. Is available in packs of 10. Filters are single-use and ought to be removed and gotten rid of prior to cleaning face mask.PM means particulatematter and the 2.5 describes the size of the particle in micrometers that can go through the filter. (For reference, 2.5 micrometers is roughly 30 times smaller than a human hair.)

1. Lay your Completely Tubular on a flat surface.

2. Place the filter of your option in the center of your tube.

3. Fold top and bottom of tube (lengthwise) to meet and enclose filter.

4. Put one hair tie around each end of your folded tube, and slide it about 1/3 of the way down.

. Fold over ends to meet in the middle and stack on top of one another. Embed loose edges.

6. Secure on face, looping hair ties around your ears.

Option 3 & & 4: Half Tube Face Coverings (one with slits, one without)

The finest part about options 3 and 4? In a couple of simple actions, you can have two face coverings instead of one! So with simply one Absolutely Tubular, you can safeguard yourself and a loved one, or just have 2 on your own that you can use interchangeably. Turtle Fur’s Brand name Marketing Manager takes us through how to make a face covering utilizing her Completely Tubular. What you require for these alternatives:

Option 3: half tube, no slits

1. Cut your tube in half, lengthwise

2. Use, pulling tube over the head and making sure protection over the nose and mouth

Option 4: half tube, with slits

This is a GREAT choice that isn’t likely to slip down your face – fantastic for kids, as this won’t bother their ears and you can ensure they will not be touching their face to pull the mask up/down.

1. Take your half tube from choice 3

2. Cut 1″ slits on each side, about 1″ below the leading

3. Wear, pulling tube over the head and putting ears through the slits. Ensure coverage over the nose and mouth.

Care instructions for the Totally Tubular Do It Yourself Face Mask:

Eliminating your face mask:

Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth when eliminating your face mask. As soon as you have removed your face mask, wash your hands. If you pick to make a variation that includes a filter, the filter ought to be thrown away after each usage.


It is suggested that you clean your DIY face mask after each use. For our Absolutely Tubular’s, simply Device Wash Cold, Tumble Dry No Heat.

For additional information on using face masks and COVID-19, please check out the CDC’s website and YouTube channel.


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