Top 10 Best Face Mask Disposable Respirator in 2020 – Best List Product

Top 10 Best Face Mask Disposable Respirator in 2020 – Best List Product

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The global Flu pandemic has caused us to change the way we go about our daily business. Social distancing and self-isolation are practices we have quickly had to employ. We have been informed by the experts that the best way to stay safe, is to stay at home. This is all well and good, but, what do you do in the case that you absolutely have to leave the house?

Protect yourself when leaving the house.

When leaving the house during these uncertain times there are a few basics you can practice to keep safe. Wash your hands before you leave the house, for at least twenty seconds. Take hand sanitizer with you, and sanitize after you touch any surface. Finally. You should ensure that your mouth and nose are well protected. You can achieve this by using a disposable face mask respirator. Disposable masks are said to have a lifespan of approximately eight hours. This should allow you enough time to do everything you need to and get back to the safety of your own home.

The entire purpose of you wearing a mask is not to inhale someone else’s germs, nor to spread your own. Which means you need to consider the filter on the mask and whether it will do the job. Reusable masks can function for up to six months. This is due to the advanced technology applied to the filter. Which eliminates unwanted particles. The cost of these masks is on the higher side. So if you are looking for a mask to run errands, then a disposable mask is a much better option. Another thing to consider when choosing a face mask is the fit. If the mask is loose around your nose and mouth it will not give you the protection you are looking for. Make sure that the mask is adjustable to fit your face. Let us take a look at the top 10 best face mask disposable respirator options on the market at the moment.

1. Disposable Three-Ply Anti-Dust Breathable Mask

These masks from Kimitech ensure a successful filtration rate of 95%. What this means is that it filters out minute particulate matter with 95% accuracy. The mask comes with ear straps which make it easy to adjust the size of the mask to ensure a secure fit to your face. It is created using three layers of soft non-woven material. Which filters out particulate matter. The outer layer is made from breathable non woven fabric. Whilst the inside layer is soft and welcoming to your skin. Finally, the filter layer is created using the technique of melt blowing. Melt blowing results in the fabrication of micro and nanofibers. At the end of this process, a nonwoven sheet is created, perfect for the use of filtration mechanisms.

2. Zikee Best Disposable Face Mask Respirator Mask

This mask had an excellent 3D design which gives you ample breathing space. It also has the efficiency of the KF94 mask and ensures a successful filtration of 94%. The designers of this mask have further implemented a 4-ply protection system. Like other respirator masks. This one is crafted using non-woven fabric on the outer layer, and melt blown cloth to block any particulate matter.

3. Disposable 3-Layer Respirator Mask

The three layers of this respirator mask are divided into nonwoven outer layer and filter layers. Topped off with a soft fiber layer on the inside. As we have seen in the two previous masks, the filter is created using the melt blowing technique. This technique helps the filtration system to block any particulate matter. This mask will protect you against harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, dust and viruses. The inner layer of non-woven soft fabric is easy on the skin and reduces the risk of rash.

4. Disposable Respirator Face Masks.

This style of mask is your more basic offering. However, it is still crafted to protect you from any foreign virus or particulate matter. Once again the materials used are non-woven fabric on the outside and soft fiber on the inside. The outside is carefully crafted to allow for the elastic to hold the mask securely around your face. The main function of this mask is to filter particulate matter in the air and environment. That is exactly what you want during the current epidemic we face. If the fine particles in the air are above 500 /m3, stop outdoor activities, until the quality of the air improves. After you have used this mask once, please dispose and open a new one.

5. Kokobe Blue Disposable Respirator and Surgical Mask

This Best Disposable Face Mask Respirator prevents any germs or droplets from getting out or coming in. This is a triple-layered mask much like the other items we have looked at. It is crafted using a non-woven outer layer, and an antibacterial inner layer. The effective meltblown cloth is used for the filtration layer.

6. C2U Adult Dust Filter Respirator

With a practical nose design, and efficient filtering techniques. This respirator mask filters out 95% of particulate matter. Furthermore, it is comfortable and easily adjustable.

7. CablEABkEK Disposable Anti Dust Respirator Mask

These 3-ply anti-dust respirator masks come in packs of 50. They are designed to fit securely around your face, reducing the intake of any unwanted particulates.

8. Three Layers Disposable Respirator

These three-ply respirator masks are crafted using the same nonwoven material we have seen used in other masks. Furthermore, the filter is made using the melt blowing technique.

9. Disposable Surgical Respirator Masks

This mask has an outer layer created using ultrasonic spot welding, ensuring it is durable and unbreachable. It further contains a 3-layer filtration system that works well in preventing the inhalation of unwanted particulates.

10. Pohaku Disposable Respirator Mask

The Pohaku respirator mask is crafting using a four-layer design. This design blocks up to 94% of particulates. Furthermore it has a 3D stereo design, giving you the space to breathe freely.

In conclusion, the best thing we can do to keep safe is to stay at home. That is not always an option. In the cases where you absolutely have to go out of the house, make sure you are using the right protective gear. Most of us do not need to be spending long hours outside of our houses right now. Therefore reusable expensive respirator masks are not a viable option. Disposable respirator masks make the most sense, both financially and in terms of use.

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