Combining her East London background with the many reggae, jazz, soul, and R&B influences she grew up listening to, pens relatable lyrics over smooth beats. One listen to the singer-songwriter and you’ll find yourself in a jazz-induced daydream, being lulled to zen by her soft, velvety voice. In 2019, her dreamy vocals could be heard alongside EARTHGANG’s on their collaborative track “Collide,” a song that went on to be the lead single on the chart-topping Queen & Slim soundtrack. Earlier this year, Tiana was featured on Stormzy’s album, on the track “Rainfall.” 

Now signed to Motown, Tiana’s name has appeared on a plethora of lists, skyrocketing her onto the North American music scene. Lucky for us, today marks the release of her label debut EP, AT SIXES AND SEVENS, a 9-track project that explores the concept of love. And we’re not just getting an EP from the soulful singer; Tiana also created a four-part autobiographical miniseries, BEHIND AT SIXES AND SEVENS, that documents her self evolution and the making of the EP. You can find episodes one and two on her .

Trust and believe in yourself, you’re gonna be alright. I love you.

When Tiana isn’t working on music or taking virtual voice lessons, she’s either in her house (a favourite pastime of hers) or experimenting with new beauty looks. We caught up with the singer a few weeks ahead of today’s release to talk about the EP, when she feels most confident, and a few beauty tips and tricks.

Where in the world are you right now? London

What is the biggest misconception about you? That I’m laidback [laughs]. I get so anxious.

What was your most significant source of inspiration for this project? To me “at sixes and sevens” means to be at a state of total confusion. I was inspired by my confusion and ignorance around the concept of love. I have no idea how to do it…well.

How long have you been working on this project? We started working on it [in] August 2019, and finished the writing process by February 2020!

Were you nervous leading up to the release? Yes, terrified [laughs]. I don’t know what to expect. 

What do you hope fans take away from AT SIXES AND SEVENS? I hope to inspire people to affirm themselves daily.

When do you feel the most creative? Late at night. I couldn’t tell you why.

What is your favourite feature on yourself? Today it’s my eyebrows. They’re uniquely me.

When do you feel the most confident and beautiful? When my skin is hydrated, moisturised, and my hair is FRESH. 

What’s your number one beauty tip? Drink more water.

Any DIY beauty tips? Make an oatmeal and honey mask if you have any skin inflammation. It’s really good for dry skin, and amazing for rashes and inflamed skin. 

What do you spend the most time on? Probably my hair. I spend 6-10 hours in the chair when I get my braids done. I’m always trying new styles.

The one product you always have when traveling? My Caudalie face wash! Have to have it. 

What advice would you give to your younger self? Trust and believe in yourself, you’re gonna be alright. I love you.

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