The Ultimate List of Do It Yourself Face Mask and Scrubs Patterns and Tutorials – Chamelle Photography, Travel and Way Of Life Blog Site in Melbourne

The Ultimate List of Do It Yourself Face Mask and Scrubs Patterns and Tutorials – Chamelle Photography, Travel and Way Of Life Blog Site in Melbourne

The Ultimate List of Tutorials, Patterns, Videos, Facebook pages and Conversation Forums for making Face Masks and PPE (Scrub caps and Scrubs) to prevent getting Corona virus/Covid -19 ** Disclaimer

: I make no medical claims about the effectiveness of the items discussed in this post. Usage at your own discretion.

Please note: Face masks are not suggested for those under 3 years of age (they would not keep them on anyhow! )

Brief History and Timeline of Face Masks (Surgical Masks)

A bit about my history with face masks

For those who don’t understand, my family originated from Taiwan. Taiwan‘s attempts at fighting Covid-19 are extremely commendable. Not just are they situated extremely close to China, they are a country with a population approximately the exact same size as Australia, yet all living on a small island half the size of Tasmania! With individuals residing in such proximity to each other don’t you think illness would spread out rather quickly? Think about that for a 2nd.

For about a month now, the Western countries have actually been stating that face masks are unneeded and have actually lost time disputing back and forth. Now, finally, they have understood that the north-east Asian countries (significantly China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan) were onto something and concluded that yes, they are helpful in preventing viruses and respiratory health problems. Offered that north-east Asian countries’ individuals have been using face masks for 100 years now, don’t you believe they have far more knowledge and experience in this location than other countries who’ve never ever used them (apart from hospital/medical personnel)?

Ideal Fabrics for making Face Masks

Please use new, tidy and pre-washed materials only.

Suitable Products for making Face Mask Ear Loops

Appropriate Products for Face Mask metal Nose Pieces

Appropriate Fabrics for making Face Mask Filters

* Disclaimer: I make no medical claims about the efficiency of these items. Use at your own discretion.

Jennifer Maker has a great post here and Smart Air Filters have actually done some fantastic research, with charts here

Not suitable:

Wash in warm soapy water. Do not boil or microwave. Air dry. For additional sanitization, iron or steam later on. (NB: If the metal nose piece and/or filter is not detachable, do not heat in any method. It may burn or melt).

Websites/Videos with Tutorials and Patterns for making Face Masks

Back of head straps(to avoid discomfort at the back of ears from elastic) Articles about Fabrics and Filter Products

Face shields/visors

Websites with Patterns/Videos with Tutorials — PPE/Scrubs (Scrub caps, Scrub tops, Scrub trousers)

Industrial Patterns

Kwik Sew Pattern K2807 Scrubs

McCall’s Pattern M6107 Teens’ Lab Coat Gown Top Pull-On Pants Hats & & Tie Belt

McCalls M6107 scrubs pattern

New Look 6876 scrubs pattern

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