I made this mask by request. The spouse of a VA worker in need of masks sent me this pattern and it’s by far the most comfortable mask. If you you’re making masks for somebody who wears a mask for long periods of time this is the pattern for you. It has a snug fit around the face(no gapping), the ties make it adjustable without aggravating the ears and the curved front provides you plenty of breathing space. Attempt it and make one for everyone.

step 1: Pin your pattern to the fabric opposite each other. OR fold your fabric ideal side to right side and eliminate one side of the pattern so you have opposite pieces of fabric. If you plan on making several masks stack your material as thick as you can cut it. Eliminate your fabric.

diy face masks

Pin two pieces right sides together carefully matching the curved edges. Sew a 1/4 ″ joint allowance around the curved edge of the two pieces. Then repeat this procedure again with another contrasting fabric creating the lining of your mask. Usage collaborating thread, I utilized black for presentation functions.

diy face masks

Sew the lining and the front of the mask together throughout the leading and once again across the bottom. Beware to line up the center seam. Stitch both top and bottom with a 1/4 ″ joint allowance. Then turn the mask right side out through among the sides. Press the mask seams flat all the way around. Fold the raw edges of both sides in by 1/2 ″ and press. The next action is to make the bias tape for the ties. I made my predisposition tape in between 36 ″ and 42 ″ on each side. I have a video link here … https://youtu.be/O9caQmtgutE Sew the bias tape onto the mask, matching the center of the bias tape to the center of the mask binding the open ends. Then sew the remainder of the bias tape closed. I utilize my blind hem foot for this part so I can run the bias tape right next to the guide and get a completely straight seam.

diy face masks

Press the entire thing and you’re done. Printable PDF face mask templates … if you screen shot this it will print to the exact sm/med. measurement on an 8.5 × 11 sheet

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