As we all work towards securing ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic, we try to do everything that might keep us safe. From working from house, practicing social distancing, improving our resistance and keeping whatever clean and sanitized, we’re attempting our best to do all it takes.

There are times where we require to go out, be it to purchase fundamentals or inspect on individuals that require support. In these times, we require to be safe, to protect ourselves and those around us. One way to do this is by using masks when we go outside.

Why do you require to wear a mask when you go out?

There is a big continuous debate, should only those contaminated wear a mask? Or, should everyone wear a mask? Well, because some people are carriers, some reveal symptoms late and some don’t even understand what the signs are, everybody must use a mask. According to one medical research study, wearing a mask was able to ‘minimize the amounts of droplets and aerosols including detectable quantities of virus.’

A 2009 World Health Organization report revealed that, when somebody coughs, they can spray up to 3,000 droplets. A sneeze might yield 40,000! This can travel anywhere from 16 feet for a cough to 26 feet when you sneeze.

Is a mask enough to secure you?

No, a mask is definitely not adequate to safeguard you from the coronavirus. Studies have revealed that the coronaviruses can go into the eyes and travel to the nose and into the breathing system, completely bypassing the mask. You still require to practise excellent social distancing, clean your hands regularly and prevent touching your face as much as possible.

How do you securely use a mask?

This may appear like a ridiculous concern, however there are certain do’s and do n’ts to follow while using a mask, as mentioned by the WHO (World Health Organization)– Tidy your hands

  • before putting on the mask– either wash it with soap and water or use an excellent hand sanitizer. Change the mask so that it
  • covers both your nose and mouth comfortably. Make certain there are no gaps in between your face and the mask. Avoid touching your face when you’re wearing the mask
  • . If you do, stop, and tidy your hands. DO NOT re-use single-use masks.
  • If the mask is damp, do not re-use it. You can buy/make a new mask. When you’re getting rid of the mask,
  • eliminate it from the back, do not touch the front of the mask. Discard the mask immediately in a closed bin. Wash your hands with soap and water not long after, or you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

How do you make a face mask in the house?

If you know how to sew, then there are a number of kinds of face masks that you can make. If you don’t or don’t have a sewing package at hand, then try this easy no-sew alternative.

  • Find the right product, we suggest fabric that is firmly knit, like a t-shirt (100% cotton). There has to be adequate material so that you can fold it numerous times and have enough to cover your mouth and nose.
  • 2 rubber bands or hair ties (likewise here)

Assembling guidelines-

Cut an area of the tee shirt, lay the product flat and fold it from the bottom to the middle and from the leading to the middle. Repeat this once again.

Take the elastic band loop it around each end. Leave a couple of inches of fabric, it must appear like a sweet wrapper on each end. Now, fold the excess fabric inwards so that it satisfies in the middle. This will include an additional layer to your mask.

Now, put the mask on your face, put the bands over each ear and you’re great to go. The pressure of the mask on your face will hold the bands in place. If you have a stapler, you can use that to hold the bands in location too.

Photo Courtesy– sarahmaker If you do not have a t-shirt or pillow cover you can cut up, you can make a mask out of a headscarf too! All you need is a mask and two rubber bands. Fold the headscarf into a rectangular shape big enough to cover your mouth and nose. Put the elastic band on both ends of the headscarf (so it appears like a candy wrapper)then fold the excess material over the bands, towards the middle. This mask will work similar to the one above. The other no-sew choice is to produce a mask utilizing a sleeve of a large t-shirt or t-shirt. Here, cut 8 ″ by 9 ″ part of the sleeve. Now, fold the cut edges towards the middle(to create another layer to the mask). Now, loop the fabric straps or elastic pieces through the opening and tie it behind your head.

Photo Courtesy– sarahmaker

If you can stitch, then you can make this mask– You

need 10-inch by 6-inch rectangles of cloth (2 pieces). This cloth requires to be 100% cotton tightly woven fabric (a t-shirt or pillowcase should do).

Pieces of flexible (6 inches x2) if you do not have flexible, even fabric strips will do.

How to Assemble It:

Stack the pieces of rectangular fabric together, fold the edge of the 10-inch sides 1/4 inch down and sew them together. Now, relocate to the shorter side, fold that 1/2 inch over and sew at the edge. Leave a little area open for the loop to fit in. Put the loop into the mask and stitch it closed. Make sure the loops are long enough to be tied behind your head.

Keep in mind, the most safe mask is an N95 mask, however save these for those at the frontline, if you actually need to go out, then make a mask and follow all the needed precautions.

If you have any remarks, or concerns drop us a message listed below, or visit NoBroker. Stay safe, and remain at house.

In case of a COVID-19 emergency, contact-

National Helpline Number +91-11-23978046 or 1075

MyGov Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp– 9013151515

Karnataka– 104

Maharashtra– 020-26127394

Tamil Nadu– 044-29510500

Delhi NCR 011-22307145

Telangana– 104

Andhra Pradesh– 0866-2410978

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