The Funniest Do It Yourself Face Mask Sewing Video – Andrea’s Note pad

There are numerous face mask tutorials on youtube and blogs right now that you might not desire to view another. However that would be an error! This Do It Yourself Face Mask Tutorial With Kay is amusing! It is definetly the funniest DIY face mask sewing tutorial I have actually seen!She really does reveal us how to sew a face mask. Her physical and deadpan funny throughout will have you giggling at your phone. I’m unsure this the tutorial I ‘d follow if I wanted an excellent face mask! In reality, if you want a severe face mask video tutorial absolutely take a look at my favorites.She starts by saying that if she can make a face mask anyone can make a face mask. By the end you’re sure she’s ideal! Her method involves cutting out two rectangular shapes of fabric with scissors. Even this is trouble for her and she needs to cut away to the ended up cut rectangles. You see her fingers are covered in bandages. Oh, you have to see to understand how funny it is.Her comedy does not end there. Anything that can fail while sewing

a mask does. At one point you can see her son walk into the room behind her, see what a disaster she is and gradually back out of the room. 90% of the population will be able to relate to her bumbling through sewing. Those of you who can’t relate will still discover her to be amusing. She even needs an attire change midway though. Her YouTube description of this video sets the tone rather well.

“Kay Pruitt’s love of posting DYI videos surpasses her actual skill in this comical tutorial failed.”I believe I can promote everybody when I state THANK YOU Kay! You’ve made my day! Your Do It Yourself face mask tutorial is the finest cure for a dull quarantine day! The Funniest Do It Yourself Face Mask Sewing Video Thank you Stephanie Dam! This made my day!

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