Spread the love If you discover yourself reading this article, then chances are you are searching for a DIY face mask tutorial. With limitless tutorials presently to be discovered, you might be wondering what makes this one different and why you’ll want it for optimum protection.

Unlike other face mask tutorials, this one will assist provide you with ideal defense using CDC suggested products and protective layers. ** Disclaimer: I am not a physician, nor an epidemiologist. Rather, I am a mommy who put in endless time researching correct face mask styles and materials in order to enhance my family’s security. Here is what I have actually learned.

CDC Guidelines

According to the CDC, proper protective face masks must include the following (taken straight from the CDC):

While multiple face mask tutorials on the Web address most of the above aspects, MANY fail to consist of several layers of material. That is where my tutorial varies. Merely using one layer of material will not supply enough defense, rather think about utilizing the following products.

Right Material Products

My research study recommends that the optimum material to utilize when making your own face masks is 100% cotton. Ideally the cotton would be medium or heavyweight. I discovered all my fabric here and had it delivered straight to my door. This is where you have choices.

The Test

It is said that the makeshift test to see if your mask is protective enough is to hold it approximately light. If you can see light coming through your mask then the layers are not thick or protective enough.

Filter Pocket?

By doubling up on material you can create a filter pocket on the back of your mask. This is the exact technique I reveal you in this face mask tutorial. This filter pocket enables you to slide in a medical grade face mask or a filter piece of product (i.e. stacked paper towel, piece of 100% cotton material, and so on). By having this filter pocket you have the ability to utilize the exact same medical grade mask once again and once again inside the reusable mask without it being exposed directly to the air around you.

Taking care of Your Mask

The beauty of these masks is that they are recyclable. After each use it is advised that you throw your face mask into a sanitization cycle in your washing machine. I recommend then hang drying so that the mask would not diminish, lose shape or kind. Eliminate filter within the pocket prior to washing.

Time for the tutorial! While I am not a professional seamstress, I will reveal the standard steps to produce your own face mask with a filter pocket. Need to refresh up on your sewing abilities? Discover how I taught myself to stitch (and you can too!) here. I created three different mask patterns for my household and will show all below.

These designs include:
Face Mask Tutorial for Grownups:

I hope you discovered this face mask tutorial useful! Any questions? Do not hesitate to comment listed below!

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