super simple face mask

By now, most countries have some sort of shortage of face masks.  So what can you do if you can’t get your hands on one?  With this super simple face mask you can help protect yourself and those you care about.

I never thought we would get to this state.  But really, when you think about it, how many books have you read, and how many science fiction movies have you watched that have been warning us of things like this.  The real world is surprisingly like a movie, we’re experiencing a gripping and tragic story that’s, gluing us to our seats. We have the villain (the virus), the heroes (the doctors), and the anti-heroes (the naysayers and the indifferent), and the hundreds of supporting extras.

super simple face mask

The extras help the hero, cure, treat and stop the spread of the disease.  Who are the extras?  Everyone in your home, your neighbors, your community, your country, your continent, the world — all those people doing their best to limit the spread of the virus. It is because of the sheer number of extras that we have the power to stop and come back from this disease, and it all starts with the right mindset.

These self-made masks will not filter out the virus from the air.  But it will stop you from touching your face and transporting the virus to your mouth, eyes, or nose where you can be infected.  Additionally, it will help keep infectious droplets if you cough, sneeze, or talk, away from others — preventing you from infecting other people if you’re a carrier.

If you’re looking for a face mask in a different shape or style, please make sure to check out our super popular Face Mask Sewing Patterns Roundup where you’ll find one of the best collections of free face mask patterns out there.



A beginner that can follow written instructions should do fine with this pattern.

Seam allowance is included and marked in the pattern.  Use a small stitch.

What To Use To Make The Nose Guard

We will be making the nose guard with soft wire, a garbage bag tie, flower arrangement wire or soda can strip.  The purpose of this guard is to help the mask seal properly over the bridge of your nose to help keep the nasties out.

If using a soda can cut a strip 4″ X 1″

then fold in half.

How To Sew Your Super Simple Face Mask

Step One:  Sewing The Top And Adding The Wire 

Cut the pattern out and place it in on the fabric folded twice.  You will end up with two pieces.

Trace the pattern, marking the pleats on both sides.  If you are using a fabric with a print, let us pretend the lined side is the print side.

So, print sides together, sew at 3/4″.

Fold in half and mark the middle.

Sew a rectangle to encase either soda can strip or wire, 5/8″ for the soda strip and 1/4″ for the wire.

Leave one side open to be able to insert the wire.

Insert the wire or the strip of aluminum and close the gap.

Step Two: Folding The Pleats And Adding The Elastic

Place the work open with the pleats vertically

Print side up, you will fold the pleats on the right towards the right-hand side.

Do the opposite on the left.

Pin the elastic.  One side next to the top seam the other the seam at the bottom.

Fold the pleated side over the right side with the elastic.

Sew at 1/4″.

Turn the mask right side out.

Insert the padded rectangle, batting or interfacing inside.

Fold the edges in 1/2″ and sew.

Super Simple Face Mask For Kids

Simply reduce the length and width of the pattern by 1″

So I am inviting you to see it from a different perspective if you have nothing to wear on your face would you rather wear a homemade mask or nothing at all.   It is not just about you getting sick but rather you or I not coughing on someone.   If you do not approve, please place your link below of your story from your social media on how you are helping your community and donating all your N-95 masks to the people that really need it the doctors and nurses on the front line, not just pointing fingers.   I think we are past that, we need solutions and solidarity not just naysayers.

I want to make sure it’s clear again, this mask is not like the N-95 masks that can filter out the virus from the air. However, in many places, they are in critically short supply. This self-made alternative will stop a major source of infection, the touching of the face — and help limit your spreading of the virus by your sneezing and coughing. If you can, get your hands on the best medical masks available, but this super simple face mask is much better than nothing. After all, we need solutions and solidarity not just naysayers.

So here we are, it’s time for you to choose your role in this movie. Doing your part, no matter how small, will make an important change. Protecting yourself and others, even if it’s just with your own homemade super simple face mask will make more of a difference than you can imagine. I wish you all good health and good luck!

In case you missed it, our Face Mask Sewing Pattern Roundup was article was linked to by the New York Post.

Join me next week when I will be sharing a vinyl coat perfect to go shopping for food supplies that protect your clothes and it is easy to wash and wear.

Stay healthy and Happy Sewing!

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