Smile, and the world … DIY Face Mask | justellydotcom

Smile, and the world … DIY Face Mask | justellydotcom

I am/have been like numerous others. All previous activities, like going to work, fulfilling pals or going to stitching classes etc. were sadly not possible.

I spent a great deal of time strolling through parks and playing Pokemon. The video game was changed so that you might play it either from home or alone. Thankfully, due to the fact that normally you play in groups. That’s how I was familiar with a great deal of brand-new people who are truly nice.
Greetings from me to all players out there ❤ ❤ ❤

Here you still have to use face masks.
I started stitching some for myself weeks ago.
Up until now they were all single-coloured or made of one single fabric.

But if you visited my blog site prior to, you understand how much I like to applique.

A colleague asked me to stitch a “funny” mask for him. This offered me the idea with the yellow smiley

Only later on I have actually seen in the Web that there are these face masks currently to buy

Whatever. Mine is made by myself As constantly

when I stitch something, I start with something easy and then I start with something more tough.
On the web I discovered a smiley face that was simply too cute not to sew it. To increase the impact I made a red circle it like a caution sign

I sewed my very first face masks with two layers of fabric. But I observed that you sweat a lot underneath at greater temperatures. That’s why these two are single-layer, just where the appliqué is, multi-layer.

Smile and Stay Save ❤ ❤ ❤

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