“Sippa” Silk + Cotton Cloth Face Mask | Black Silk/Gold Arrows | Fancy.com

“Sippa” Silk + Cotton Cloth Face Mask | Black Silk/Gold Arrows | Fancy.com

The environment is very important to us and that is why we want to encourage you to purchase high quality reusable cloth face masks. With every cloth face mask purchased we will dedicate 5% of sales to GREENPEACE to help our beautiful planet. Our cloth face masks are handmade in NYC. They are high fashion, well fitting, light-weight, breathable, and incredible comfortable. We promise you will love to wear your Odell cloth face mask!

The “Sippa” cloth face mask has been engineered with a micro zipper just big enough to allow a straw to reach your mouth through the cloth mask…it’s genius! With the “Sippa” cloth face mask you can drink responsibly while socializing with friends or strolling through the park. We have designed the cloth mask to have just enough fabric that even if you forget to zip the cloth mask closed after drinking air cannot make it in or out. The “Sippa” cloth face mask is not reversible.

All of our cloth face masks are LIMITED EDITIONS and handmade in our East Harlem Studio by us, a two woman team. So if you’d like to support local artists and find unique items, you have come to the right place.

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