What’s the Task? If you’re trying to find a comfy face mask pattern that’s simple to stitch and personalized to all of the different members of your family, you’re going to love this one. Make it in under 20 minutes. It’s breathable, well-fitted, and simple to make.

Who would have ever thought that face masks would be the brand-new standard today? However they are and it looks like they may be here to remain for a while.I know that there are heaps of face mask patterns already out there, but as I prepare my kids (and myself actually) to return to school, I knew I ‘d need something that they might wear conveniently all day and preferably something that was well-fitted to each face.I have actually attempted a couple of other sewing patterns for face masks … and they were ok, however I took a seat and played with numerous options and did some tweaking and discovered something that is working truly well for us in our family and I am hoping it might work excellent for you too!This is a super simple face mask pattern. Each time I take a seat to stitch one it just takes about 10 minutes. Even if you’re a beginner it should not take too long at all.Plus, you can make it in ANY fabric, so it will be fantastic for anybody in your family. I have actually had a good time letting my kids all pick out fabrics they desire and I’ve been making some charming little girly ones for pals too, just since the fabrics are so cute!Free Simple Sewing Projects & Concepts to your Inbox Yes &, Sign Me Up!Get easy sewing job concepts to your inbox. Unsubscribe anytime!Ready to make some masks?Easy Face Mask Pattern: Supplies Needed: Pattern: Here are several different sizes of patterns for you to print and utilize. Every face differs, so they might not be perfect,but I’ve tried these various sizes out on all of the members of our household and they’ve worked well and I’ve spent quite a bit of time tweaking to get them. I’ve called them by who they suit our family, so it should be relatively accurate for you too.But please note, I’ve found out through this process that every face is different. So before you make a bunch in one size, attempt one on the individual you are making it for to make sure it fits well.Printing Guidelines: Open the PDF and make

sure you’ve got it sized precisely at 100%and after that print.Size 1: Toddler/Preschooler: Face Mask Pattern Size 1( If you have actually got a truly young or actually small faced kid, size this down a bit.

)Mask Making Instructions: I used a very little joint allowance for this. About 1/4 ″ is ideal.Cut out your face mask pattern.With your material folded, cut 2 pieces from each of your fabrics, for a total of 4 pieces. Each material ought to have 2 pieces that are a mirror image.Place the fabrics best sides together of each of the matching fabrics and sew down the rounded middle part(this is the

nose area)of both from top to bottom, knotting when you start and finish.To make your

elastic if you are using knit material

, cut a strip that is about 1 to 1.5 inches tall and as long as the width of your fabric with the stretchiest direction going the width of the

fabric( so it’s stretchy along the actually long side and less stretchy on the brief, 1-inch side). Once it’s cut, pull the material and it will fold in on itself. Here’s a tutorial for this if you ‘d like more help. * Just a note, you can definitely use flexible instead if you ‘d like. I simply seem like this knit fabric method is actually soft on the ears which is a plus.Cut 2 strips of your knit elastic. The length will vary by size: Now, place your front of the mask and your back of the mask together with best sides facing in.Pin the top of the nose in place.Place your elastic on either side with completions satisfying with the edge of the

mask and the rest forming a half-circle. Make certain it’s not twisted. Pin this in location on both sides of the mask.Starting at the bottom of the mask

, sew all the way around the mask leaving a 1-2 inch opening at the end so that you

can turn it.Turn it best side out and press all of the corners out. If you want to try it on and ensure it fits well, now is the time.

If needed you can constantly tweak a bit before you sew it shut.Optional Wire Nose: I’ve already had several readers inquire about adding in wire for the nose. I did experiment with this and it went well. For me, the mask fit well enough that I didn’t seem like I required it, but again, face sizes and shapes differ so much that it’s a legitimate alternative to enhance your fit.Here’s how: Lay a pipe cleaner along the leading edge of your mask and match it to the size from side to side and suffice just the right length. Before you sew your mask shut, insert it and pin it in place along the leading edge. I then just leading sewn to keep the pipeline cleaner in place and it worked great!Fold the fabric of the opening in on itself and stitch the opening closed.Press the mask great and flat and you’re all set!( He’s using a size 2.)Best of luck to you and I hope this face mask pattern helps you and your family be safe and healthy.You Might Likewise Like:

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