Sew A Face Mask with Filter & Nose Wire Pockets

Sew A Face Mask with Filter & Nose Wire Pockets

Sew A Face Mask with Filter & & Nose Wire Pockets

I’ve been sewing and sewing face masks to contribute to frontline employees and lots of folks have been asking if I’m selling them to the public. At this time, I am not, however I may remain in the future. In the meantime, for those of you with standard sewing skills, do not hesitate to use my specifications to sew them on your own, your friends and family, and to donate! Thank you and remain safe! ~ Madeleine

– Fits over an N-95 mask
– Pocket for additional filter layer
– Channel for detachable wire *
– Straps for adjustable fit && convenience
– Device wash & & dry- One size fits most grownups
* Get rid of nose wire for cleaning and/or changing.
MATERIALS-Firmly Woven 100%
Cotton Material-Thread- Ruler- Fabric
or Rotary Cutter
– Sewing Device
– Twist-ties (or pipeline cleaner or other) for nose wire


FOR MASK: CUT 2 PIECES OF COTTON *– 8 1/2″ x 8″(Width x Length). Use 2 different colors or prints to identify the front from the back easily (so you do not mistakenly put the outdoors onto your face).
* Note: If your machine does not have a zigzag stitch, you ought to cut the top and bottom seams with pinking shears if possible, to stop edges from fraying.
(or utilize 2-36″ long pieces of 1/2 “double fold predisposition tape.)
Note: You can join a number of shorter 2″ strips of material to make a 36″ long strap if you require to.

FOR WIRE to SHAPE MASK AROUND BRIDGE of NOSE: Twist together 2 or 3 twist ties (fold in ends to avoid wire from poking a hole in the mask). Or cut chenille pipeline cleaners to 4.5″ lengths. Or get imaginative.


Along the top of mask create a channel for a removable wire as follows– Step 1&& 3/4″ in from each side edge and 1/2 “down from top, leaving 1 1/2 “open (not stitched) focused within the 5”. Ensure you sew 3 backstitches at the ends of the stitches that create all the openings. Otherwise the stitches will come out and the seams will come apart.


Fold fabric in half down the 36 “length and press (to 1” large).
Open strip and fold each half in toward center fold crease (1 side at a time) and press again.
Fold both folds in towards the center fold and fold in half. Press. It will now be about a 1/2 inch wide with the raw edges folded into the center fold.
Slip the sides of the mask into the center fold of the strap. Position strap so it measures 18″ from the TOP edge of mask to end of strap on each side. Pin to hold. Keep in mind:The strap will be longer from top of mask to top end of strap than from bottom of mask to bottom end of strap.
Stitch the little end of strap from folded side towards the open side (backstitch very first couple of stitches), then, with needle down, lift presser foot and turn fabric to sew the strap closed, lengthwise. Note: Backstitch a few stitches at the 4 points where the strap meets the mask to strengthen! Turn and finish the other end of strap, backstitching at the end. (You can also use a zig-zag sew on completions).
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