Review: The Outdoor Research Face Mask Kit Is the Best We’ve Worn – InsideHook

Review: The Outdoor Research Face Mask Kit Is the Best We’ve Worn – InsideHook

Face masks have become a part of daily life, and they do not appear to be disappearing anytime soon. Finding a great one is vital. After six-plus months of wearing masks, my go-to is actually the first mask I ever purchased– the Outdoor Research Face Mask Package.

Why Does it Matter?

Outdoor Research study may look like an unlikely winner of the mask showdown, but the Seattle-based brand name has actually been developing high-quality outside apparel because 1981. If you trek, climb, or ski, you have actually definitely seen the OR logo design adorning jackets, backpacks and hats. I’m a huge fan of their ski packages, and their Helium rain jacket is the go-to for weight-conscious backpackers. They have actually consistently led development in outdoor apparel, including a few years ago when they were the first brand to integrate AeroGel– a NASA developed insulation product typically utilized in area suits– into their winter season jackets and gloves.

All that is to state, Outdoor Research study has a history of making premium items that keep individuals safe and comfy. It’s clear they used their very same thoughtful style procedure to their mask. The outcome is a soft, comfy mask that has a lot more bells and whistles than any other fabric mask on the marketplace.

Design and Materials

The OR mask has a traditional shape, however it’s quickly the biggest mask I own. It covers my entire face, tucking under my chin and going right under my eyes. A small metal band on the nose bridge produces a loose seal that works rather well to avoid sunglasses from fogging. I found the mask comfy enough right out of the box, the ear loops do have an easy slide adjustment to assist dial in the fit.

The mask is made from 100% polyester, so it can be machine washed and dried without losing any shape. It likewise won’t extend after weeks of wear. Unlike many other fabric masks, the product is treated with HeiQ V-Block, an anti-microbial technology, which limits the development of bacteria.

The most distinct function is a pocket for custom-made filters. Each mask features 3, thin, breathable and non-irritating filters. They place into sleeves on the within the mask and can easily be included or eliminated. They significantly minimize the danger of impurity transmission, successfully filtering higher than 95% of infections, bacteria, and particles in accordance with ASTM test standards. From an using perspective, I hardly saw they existed. From what I can tell, they limit breathability a little, especially when I’m running, however they’re comfortable and not bulky. OR sells extra three-packs of filters for $5.

The thin filter inserts into 2 tabs on the inside of the mask. It’s barely noticeable when you’re using it.
Outdoor Research study

What We Like

What We Do not

As I said earlier, this mask remains in a classification of its own, so it’s a bit unreasonable to compare it straight to others. It’s much more comfortable than a medical mask and more protective than a traditional fabric mask. While I believe it justifies the cost, at $20, it’s more expensive than any other mask I own, especially when you consider the additional filters.

Should You Buy It?

I’m sure at this point you currently own a number of masks. You most likely do not need another low-cost cloth mask or neck gaiter. If you do wish to include another mask to your collection, I extremely suggest this one. It looks like a regular fabric mask, however it has a lot more features and will keep you more safeguarded. After six months and numerous other masks, it’s the one I use one of the most. I ‘d bet the same would be real for you.

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