Organic Cotton BREATHE Face Mask – Black – Other from John Moore Sports UK

The BREATHE Mask follows all WHO  guidelines.Com es with an optional and changeable PM2.5 Triggered Carbon Filter.The exchangeable PM2.5 FILTER cleans the air you breathe without trapping any wetness.The triggered carbon filter is detachable and fits into an inner pouch on the within the face mask.This means you can remove the filter and clean your mask like any garment.Machine Washable to 60 Degrees (ALWAYS remove filter prior to washing mask)Adjustable ear straps to fit all sizes

Fabric Structure

100% Organic Cotton Outer Face Fabric

Non-Woven Activated Carbon Particulate Filter

100% Organic Cotton Lining Inner Material

All BREATHE face masks have an important inner pouch to house the PM2.5 Filter We suggest changing the filter every 16-24 Hours of constant use, or once a week for occasional use.FILTERS ARE OPTIONAL TO USE ALWAYS REMOVE FILTER BEFORE CLEANING THE FACE MASK

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