What does making bags share with making face masks? Turns out quite a lot, fact, most of the

raw products required to make extremely efficient and comfy non-medical ones are already lying around in our workshop. That, together with a roll of antimicrobial soft-touch bamboo cotton for the inner layer, we are able to make odor-resistant and hypoallergenic face masks that are breathable with its exchangeable filter pocket for included defense.

It is likewise embedded with a bendable nose piece to develop a tight fit around every face. It features a head loop that does not press against the back of your ear. In addition to being more comfortable, the head loop suggests that you can wear this mask even when your ears are covered. On top of the, the cable lock offers granular, on-the-fly adjustability. When not in use, loosen everything the way, and bring the mask on you by letting it hang loosely around your neck and have it at the

all set. This washable face mask, which includes a nonwoven fabric filter, is sold individually, or cheaper as bundles of four. Here’s how to wash them: soak the masks in warm water around 40 ℃ with mild detergent in between 10-15 minutes, then gently hand-scrub for about a minute prior to washing, and finally air to dry. After they’re dried, it is also advised to iron them with the heat set to cotton. When cleaned properly, the masks can carry out optimally for at least 20+ wash cycles.

Buy cheaper in a package: bundle of 4 and package of 20

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