Mountain Mist’s DIY Face Mask Filter – The Backroads to Road to California The Backroads to Road to California

Mountain Mist’s DIY Face Mask Filter – The Backroads to Road to California The Backroads to Road to California

Mountain Mist, maker of exceptional batting products and a favorite supplier at Roadway to California, has actually started a brand-new venture related to the Coronavirus.

Mountain Mist is among the numerous item lines that Fibrix, LLC produces. Their sis business, Fibrix Filtering, makes a purification line of products– consisting of a Do It Yourself face mask filter media. Mountain Mist is now in the position to provide this media to the Do It Yourself market.

Why a DIY Face Mask Filter?

From all the research conducted by Mountain Mist, it appears that face masks are the new style declaration. With the forecast of a 2nd and a 3rd wave of the pandemic, school districts all-across the United States are requiring facemasks for teachers and students when returning to school. In addition, people wearing face masks are desiring more than one mask for their wardrobe. The research study specifies that mask making will continue.

Do It Yourself Face Mask Filter Media offers an added layer of security to homemade and store-bought face masks. It is the exact same 100% polypropylene needle punched material that Fibrix sells to industrial face mask manufacturers. This vital filtering layer, previously just readily available to the commercial sector, is now readily available for the home-sewing market.

How Does the Do It Yourself Face Mask Filter Work?

The filter media is made from 100% polypropylene that is needle punched through a polypropylene scrim. It is washable and easy to use. When a filter is placed inside 2 layers of material, it increases the efficiency of the mask. The filter media can either be stitched into the mask or be used as a removable filter for filched masks.

What Has the Response Been?

Mountain Mist started shipping the DIY Face Mask Media in August 2020. Says Linda Pumphry, Senior Account Executive for Fibrix, “The action has been over whelming. A Mountain Mist retailer did one publishing on Facebook of What’s New and sold out his preliminary order in 20 minutes and called to increase his order. A consumer stated she shared it with her oncology assistance group, and they were so ecstatic about the product. They shared that the extra layer aid in providing a bit more comfort when having to venture out for appointments.”

The reaction to the item was not surprising to the company. All their research suggested that face masks were going to continue to become part of individuals’s daily wardrobe. Because Mountain Mist was unable to provide the DIY Face Mask Filter Media throughout the first wave of face mask making, they weren’t sure if the pipeline had actually been filled. As it ended up, the need for wearing face masks has actually increased; individuals are contributing to their preliminary supply. You can participate in utilizing this timely item by purchasing the DIY Face Mask Filter at regional independent quilt shops or on

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