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Are you going shopping during the pandemic? Well, you may be denied access to stores without the proper attire.

On Wednesday, Gov. Wolf signed a bill requiring all commercial buildings serving the public to make sure customers wear masks — and deny entry to anyone who refuses as of Monday.

With the global decrease in face masks, many residents are concerned about what this could mean for their families in the future.

Not to worry, here is a DIY on how you can make a face mask using household products.

The only thing you need is a bandana and two ponytail holders.

Check out the video below.

3. Damn Air Fresh

4. Wrapped by Nellz

5. House Of Nambili


9. Printed Pattern People

While in the beginning, it was unclear if all Americans needed to wear face masks in public during the coronavirus pandemic, it became crystal clear last week, when the Centers for Disease Control Prevention announced that this to be the case…point, blank period.

Cover up!

Not to mention, as the Washington Post reported, in cities such as Los Angeles and Miami, you can’t walk into a grocery store, pharmacy or essential business without something covering your nose and mouth. With so many every day non-medical, non-surgical masks being sold out at the local stores, many folks are left to order them online.

Well if you’re worried about which ones you buy, don’t. We got you!

Here are 10 of the best—and most stylish—face masks made by Black-owned businesses and designers that will protect you and your family. Just don’t forget to throw them in the washing machine before you use them.

***Editor’s Note: The CDC has asked that we not purchase medical face masks because our health care workers who are risking their lives to save us need them first. Beware of online sellers claiming to have surgical masks. 

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