Recently, health officials advised residents to cover their faces when heading out to combat the coronavirus. However they likewise desire physicians to have crucial personal protective equipment (PPE). So, people are using what they can and improvising the rest. To assist, Matthew McConaughey has worn the function of Bobby Bandito to make a guide teaching everyone how to make their own face mask.

McConaughey required to his numerous social media platforms to share the video, which has to do with a minute long. He fills those one minute with exceptional taste of Western flair. And where would a catchy, informative video lack some rhyming, is that alright alright?

Bobby Bandito has a face mask tutorial for you

View this post on Instagram we’ve got more livin to do #BobbyBandito A post shared by Matthew McConaughey (@officiallymcconaughey)on Apr 13, 2020 at 6:55 am PDT For these posts, Matthew McConaughey was less himself and more Bobby Bandito, the bountyhunter change ego. During the video, he lays out how to make a face mask to cover their mouths in design. While it is essential for doctors to have specific PPE like N95 masks, civilians can construct their own gear like in the video.

To actually get viewers to act, McConaughey (or Bobby Bandito) released a call to action. He wanted to see everyone’s own cool “outlaw bandanas,” so they need to share it online like he did, following directions all the while. A great deal of the products are quite simple to come by (for the moment). All it needs is a coffee filter, bandanna, and rubber bands.

Matthew McConaughey is still spreading the message

Matthew McConaughey offered a brief face mask tutorial as Bobby Bandito and required others to flaunt their masks/ Fox

This video follows a trend by McConaughey, who Fox reports has actually been hunkered down following social distancing procedure. Prior to this, he provided a PSA, calling followers to action in a various way. “Remaining home is not a retreat, it’s the most brave and aggressive weapon we have versus this enemy,” he explained by means of Twitter.

He went on, “Due to the fact that, when we do remain at home, we prevent overwhelming our healthcare facilities while buying time for our scientists to discover the vaccine.” The caption, “war with a virus,” echoes the sentiments shared in his video: everyone has a role in combating COVID-19. For him, he feels that suggests for individuals to #stayhome.

war with a virus #stayhome

— Matthew McConaughey (@McConaughey) March 30, 2020

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