We’re loving all the DIY face mask suggestions we’re seeing floating around social media right now, everyone is getting really hands on with their beauty.

We’ve seen plenty of ideas recently, people digging out sheet masks or whipping up something homemade, and hair masks are finally being used.

But on our travels around Instagram we have come across Mariah Carey’s MUA Kristofer Buckle, and he has a great idea for a DIY face mask we can whip up today.

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Kristofer’s Insta feed is full of famous faces, from Kris Jenner to Christina Aguilera, Mariah of course (and twins) and Blake Lively.

So, he’s an A-lister favourite, but his posts with Mariah are plentiful, and he has even put up a hilarious TikTok video from her account (see above) and another of them dressed as rockers for Heidi Klum’s Halloween party.

We’ve probably scrolled down his feed for too long now, let’s get to his DIY face mask, this is good.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight online Kristofer recommended heading to the kitchen to pick up what you need for this simple mask.

Basically what you’re looking for is some honey, a bowl and a little bit of sugar.

Then you need to pop in the bowl and mix together before putting the blend on your face and massaging gently.

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He says it works because, ‘Honey is a natural connective, so it draws moisture to your skin.

The sugar will act as an exfoliant, to get rid of any dry skin and it has natural healing and enzymes that are very soft to the skin, that’s a great one to do’

And, you know, he’s not wrong, it’s a simple but effective face mask that anyone can do. Just remember to rinse away after, no licking your lips people! While you’re enjoying the DIY face mask take a look at Mariah and Kristofer backstage at a recent show.

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