How to sew an easy DIY Face Mask: Hand or Maker

How to sew an easy DIY Face Mask: Hand or Maker

Use products in your house or family house to sew a simple standard face mask. This is a great up-cycling job. I made my mask utilizing a stitching machine, but can also be quickly stitched by hand. Utilizing fabric will provide you the choice to wash and reuse often times. A material mask can likewise be used as an extra layer of defense over a paper-mask.

Fabric Masks - DIY

Materials Needed: Fabric(

piece of clothes your no longer wear

, bandana, bag/ shoe fabric storage bags )Thread Scissors Hair ties or elastic band Sewing hand needle or sewing maker

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How to stitch a Face Mask by hand or machine: Action 1: Find some material in your home and/ or clothing that you no longer wear. This can be an old

t-shirt, blouse, skirt or any cotton fabric that can be cut. Step 2: Step material approximately 10 x 5.5 and cut 2 pieces. You must have 2 rectangle shapes of fabric.

Action 3:Position the best side of material together. (The ideal side– is normally the brighter side of material.) Pin around the boundary of fabric. Pin on the wrong side of fabric, to help hold material in location.


Action 4: Hand sew around the boundary of the fabric rectangular shape (on the incorrect side of material). Sew approximate 1/2 inch from the edge of the fabric. Leave a 2 inch opening, where you do not sew closed. This will enable us to turn material to the best side (next step ). This step can likewise be finished using a stitching maker.

Sewing - Masks

Action 5: Clip Corners

Fabric Turning

Step 6:Turn Fabric to the right side of material.(Utilize your fingers to press material through the open hole.

Carefully pull material to the right side. ) Action 7: With fabric on the ideal side. Press edges flat with hands or utilize an iron. Step 8: Stitch the open closed.(Usage running stitch ) Step 9: Location hair tie or rubber band around material (put over the width of the rectangle (smaller edge)

  • Sewing Edge of Masks
    . Fold edge of material over band. Pin in location. (To keep material from moving). Repeat to the opposite end of material. Action 10: Stitch folded edge of material in location. (Usage running stitch or whip stitch)
    Complete - Masks - KWhite Collection
    • ” > Pin Edge Stitch Folded Edge Sew Finishing Touches Step 11: You have actually a completed mask. Attempt it on to make certain it fits comfortably over the ears and covers your mouth and nose.
    • Material sizes can be adapted to fit a smaller sized face or children.To Sanitize: Machine wash or boil in hot water.

    Lots of people need masks to use day-to-day to assist secure against viruses. If you can stitch, make a few masks and offer to a next-door neighbor. This is also a great Do It Yourself simple sewing task to do with kids at house, that will teach standard hand sewing abilities.

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