The gaiter or headscarf style face mask is great for males or females, and some individuals discover it a lot more comfortable than a . Lots of people utilize face gaiters when doing dirty work and lawn care, however they can be simply as proficient at filtering small particles like germs too if there is more than one layer of fabric!According to research study, 2 layers of stretchy cotton(like tee shirt fabric)can filter small particles, and gaiter or scarf masks like this are much more efficient when there is a filter in between the layers.This mask includes a filter pocket, so there are two layers of material on the front.This post has actually been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. Find it here. The blog post listed below is absolutely complimentary to read, print, and stitch! Simply hit CTRL +P on your computer system to print. The PDF download for$ 2 is absolutely optional.

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