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-To start, cut three rectangles 12 inches long and 7 25 inch wide

Two should be cotton fabric and one should be interfacing or other stiff material If possible, use a softer cotton for the layer that will sit next to your face In our demonstration, the white cotton You’ll also need two pieces of elastic, at least 7 inches long, to make straps to attach the mask Step one, cut and mark your fabric

Using clips or pins to keep everything in place, trace all pattern lines on the top layer of fabric Cut along the solid line through all three layers so you have pieces of equal size Step two, stitch the darts Fold your fabric stack in half, so that the outside layer, here it’s the red fabric, is on the inside Stitch a half-inch dart at the top for your nose

Stitch another 3/4-inch dart on the other side for the chin These darts can be made smaller or larger to better fit the wearer You can cut the darts open or press them flat Step three, sew along the curved dotted stitched lines with a zigzag stitch Step four, stitch the top and bottom outside edges of the mask

Fold the top and bottom edges of the mask toward the inside, along the marked seam allowance, and press and pin or clip Stitch on the top of the fold to close Step five, sew along the horizontal dotted lines with a zigzag stitch Step six, attach the elastic Fold the short edges of your fabric over half an inch, and stitch 1/4 of an inch from the edge to create a tunnel for your elastic

Adjust the elastic for size, and stitch or tie the ends of the elastic together

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