How to Sew a Face Mask – P2 – All Fiber Arts

How to Sew a Face Mask – P2 – All Fiber Arts

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How to Sew a Face Mask – Part 2

Hem Inside Pocket Edge

I created a pocket for this mask so that I could add an additional filter inside for more protection. I used the fabric for the back of the mask and hemmed the outside edge.

Hem Stitch Pocket Edge

Pin the Front and Back pieces of the Face Mask together, Right Sides Facing Out.

Starting at the Open end of the Mask, stitch around 3 sides, leaving the hemmed side of the mask back open.

Add Nose Clip
I dissected the original paper mask and found that the nose clip is made from a zip tie.
I didn’t have any zip ties on hand so decided to use a length of pipe cleaner instead.
I wanted to make the metal clip a bit longer than the original one (8 cm) so cut this to 14 cm.

I stitched the length of pipe cleaner to the outside top edge of the mask.

Stitch Bias Tape to Mask

After pinning the bias tape into place, I stitched around the edge of the bias tape.

Elastic Ties
The original face mask has elastic ties that wrap around the ears. I found this to be uncomfortable to wear and didn’t seem to hold the mask securely on the face, so I thought that changin the elastic ties to go around the back of the head would be better.
I used 2 mm elastic cord that I purchased from Amazon.
CleverDelights White Fabric Elastic Cord – 30 Feet – 2mm – Crafts Beading Jewelry Stretch Shock Cording
I cut 2 lengths approx. 50 cm each. You may wish to measure the elastic around teh back of your head before you cut the lengths.
I stitched the lengths of elastic to the top and bottom edges on both sides of the mask. It was a bit long, so I adjusted the length with a knot.

Elastic Ties

Face Mask Model

Face Mask Model 2

Face Mask Model 3

As I make more of these masks for myself and my family, I will probably be able to perfect the design a bit. I will post updates as I discover better methods.

I think I will also dye the masks, or the fabric prior to sewing them, with natural plant dyes. Partly because I like colour, and partly because natural dyes may offer some additional protection against bacterial growth.

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