April 8, 2020

How to Sew a Face Mask with a Filter Pocket and Ties for Personal Use

This pattern is adapted from the pattern created by Sarah at the ‘Sarah Maker’ blog. Follow this link to her blog to learn more! 

CDC Recommendations

CDC face mask recommendations are changing everyday, and we will try to keep this document up-to-date. Since Sarah created her pattern a few weeks ago, the CDC and health care professionals have clarified that masks should not be reversible, and they should have a clear “right side” and “wrong side.” Plus, personal-use masks should be washed after each day of use. Sarah’s mask pattern uses one piece of fabric. My modification enables the pattern to work for two different fabrics.


(1) 8.5” square of high-quality quilting cotton for the outside. I’ll refer to this as the “main” fabric.

(2) 4.75” x 8.5” squares of high-quality quilting cotton (preferably solid) for the inside. I’ll refer to this as the “lining” fabric.

(2) Yards bias tape (4 18” ties)

Note: I found using the dual-feed function of my machine (or a walking foot) helpful, but not crucial.

Lining and Filter Pocket

Prepare the Ties

Make A Mask Sandwich

Make the Pleats

You’re done!

Check out our Facebook page to view Kate’s live-streamed video of this process, and feel free to email us, [email protected], with any questions.

We also recommend listening to NPR’s All things Considered story, as well as frequently checking what the CDC and WHO have to say on this topic, for more information about face masks in general.

Stay in, stay safe, and stay sewing!

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