I recently did a few face mask tutorials for both adults and kids and have since been received a ton of questions on how to sew a face mask by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. Most people can easily access a pair of needle and thread and a piece of fabric instead of accessing a sewing machine. This mask can be made in under 10 minutes and cost about $1. If you have a sewing machine, check out my other tutorials on Child Size Face mask pattern and regular adult face mask.

Here the front view of the mask. It fits average size face. You can increase a few inches of the fabric for a bigger size.

Your Supplies:

How to sew a face mask by hand

First thread your needle with double thread. Form a knot at the end.

Now, take your piece of fabric and fold it on the long side so that the wrong side is facing you. After you fold it, sew along the blue line, leaving a FEW INCHES OPEN.

Leave a a few inches open

Next, take your elastic and put on the inside of the folded fabric so that the edge is facing the edge of the fabric. Stitch it down a few times so its secure.

Next. take the other side of the elastic and do the same thing to the other side. It will require you to pull it a bit but it’s ok.

Now stitch the entire side. Do a few stitches by the elastic again so that is secure. Repeat for the other side.

Now, turn the whole mask inside from the few inches you left open when you first started.

On the short sides, you will hand sew 3 pleats. Do one at a time. You can do a few stitches to get it secure.

After the 2nd pleat
After the 3rd pleat

Stitch the pleats for the other side. Also, if you want, you can stitch the entire side down instead of just the pleats. Either will work.

Next, stitch the opening that you used to turn the mask inside out, closed.

You are done!

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