how to sew a face mask

Hi sewing friends!Many readers have connected to me these previous few months requesting details about how to stitch face masks to secure their families and communities. Here are responses to as a number of your concerns as I can address

, with links to free patterns and tutorials and more in-depth information.PLEASE NOTE: Experts concur that homemade face masks are not as reliable as expert grade N95 masks, however we can make a difference by sewing material face masks for ourselves and others in order to let the supply of real N95 masks go to nurses and doctors who deal with exposure to the virus on a regular basis. Homemade material face masks can also be worn over N95 face masks so that they may be utilized for a longer period of time.What face mask pattern are YOU using? I have been making most of

my face masks using the since it was designed by doctor and it was the mask design that my local health center requested. This face mask has a pocket for an optional filter. You can likewise utilize various elastic and tie alternatives(see the question about ties below ). This face mask style fits me and my family members well. I decreased the pattern to make smaller sized children’s sizes and those templates are included in the link above.After making about 50 masks using this pattern, I made a which has actually gotten a lot favorable feed back-thank you!What if I desire to sew a pleated design face mask?If you wish to make pleated face masks rather of the curved style shown above, Dana of Made Everyday

has offered a fantastic pleated face mask pattern in great deals of sizes. I would suggest her pattern. Where do I find the optional filters for inside the face masks?This is the extremely next question that I was asked after making material face masks for household members who work in the medical occupation. There

are face mask filters offered on Amazon, however the more I took a look at them, the more careful I ended up being due to the fact that they looked extremely low-cost and doubtful. That’s when I began making Do It Yourself face mask filters from a HEPA air filter. I did a great deal of research prior to beginning this project to ensure that my filters would be safe to use. I put that research study in the post but

I still can not make any safety declares or claims concerning the efficacy of these filters versus small pathogens.Please note: taking apart a HEPA filter to get the fabric from it is painstaking work. That’s why I was so happy to discover a source for filter fabric(see the next concern ). What about face mask material?After some delay, business

that make face mask fabric have started to use them to house sewists. I purchased some from a company called Filti and after that made my own composed and video face mask material evaluation.

My review is not indicated to be a recommendation, but simply to show you what I received.I have been utilizing this face mask product to make disposable filters to go inside material face masks. While some claim that the fabric is washable, to me it does not seem like it would be very efficient at filtering after being washed. What is the very best fabric for stitching face masks?Great question! Here are my Fabric Recommendations for Sewing Homemade Face Masks. Do I need to use the very same flexible or connect that the pattern suggests?No. You have lots of options for making face mask ties. Check out about various options for face mask flexible and ties. How can I wash material face

masks?It’s best to put all items that might have become infected in a bag (such as a plastic bag or pillowcase)till they can be

washed.I wrote a tutorial for a mesh wash bag that can be tossed right in the cleaning machine with face masks or other little products inside in order to avoid the ties from getting tangled up. Ensure you wash your hands

after handing products that may be polluted. How can I help?If you have time and products to make a few extra face masks, there are

people who require them.I would suggest connecting to your local health center and health department to see where there is the most need in your community.Beyond that, I made

a list of 20+ Medical Facilities and Medical Suppliers who have asked for face masks and other PPE. If you know of other facilities that require face masks, feel free to leave a link in the remarks to that post.Thank you!Now I just

wish to state Thank You A lot for all your love and assistance! This is an extremely difficult time for all of us.Over the past month I have found myself everyday counting my true blessings in an effort to

combat doubt, stress and anxiety, and anxiety. I am fortunate to be remaining house in a safe environment with enough food to consume and bathroom tissue for today time, but I still find it tough to go to sleep in the evening and I have strange problems after I do. Sensations of powerlessness and uselessness are in some cases frustrating. You would think that an introvert like me would enjoy nowadays but rather I hope increasingly more earnestly for them to be over. So thank you for your kind words of support and support. I might not answer each e-mail or remark, however every one is a drop in my container of hope!Love,

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