1. Fold fabric from the top and then from the bottom, so they meet in the
  2. middle. Repeat the primary step with the smaller sized folds. You ought to now have one long rectangular shape.
  3. Wrap one hair tie around each end of the rectangle (about 6 inches apart).
  4. Fold both sides into the middle.
  5. Utilize the hair ties as ear loops. Make sure it’s fitted appropriately so that your nose and mouth are covered..
  • In order for the mask to serve its function, it should cover the nose and mouth snugly, but conveniently..
  • Never ever put a fabric face covering on kids under the age of 2 and anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise not able to get rid of the mask without help.
  • Routinely wash your face mask, either in the washing maker or with hot water and soap..
  • Constantly wash your hands when putting on or removing a face mask, and avoid touching other parts of your face.

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