Make no error, this is among the weirdest videos I have actually ever made. I never pictured I have actually be advising you cut up one of our remarkable 95.7 the HOG t-shirts to help the world but here we are; I ‘d rather you be safe and we’ll have more t-shirts.

Please contribute professional masks (N95 and surgical masks) to health centers. The mask we are making can help safeguard you and other individuals but it is not a replacement for other seriously important things like remaining house, often cleaning your hands with soap and water, and staying the suggested range of 6 feet from other individuals.

Based on the data, it is suggest that using cotton product with a paper towel is better than no mask. Keep in mind to dispose of the paper towel after using and clean the mask before reuse.

Here’s how to make a face mask using a radio station tee shirt. Delight in.

I never envisioned I’ve be suggesting you cut up one of our amazing 95.7 the HOG tee shirts to assist in saving the world however here we are; I ‘d rather you be safe and we’ll have more t-shirts.

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Here is an excellent breakdown of exactly how it’s done from Masks4All. You can likewise take a look at other DIY masks from here.

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