You can make a protective mask out of a bra, which DJ Justin Credible is making available by means of her Instagram where she can likewise offer you a tutorial. “They make sense as a mask. They have the best amount of this foam cushioning in each cup. And you can take the underwire and simply fit it ideal onto your nose,” she informs us. “When you actually look at the structure of a bra, they’re almost masks immediately. They’re all completed on the edges.”

DJ Justin starts talking bra masks at the 8:30 mark of this Kinky Beauty salon Live video that belongs to the Kinky Salon provides: LOVE in the time of CORONA Kickstarter project (which also uses custom face masks and mask making tutorials). “It’s such an intimate piece of garments because of individuals’s bosoms,” DJ Justin says. “The initial laugh that I had was the fact that it was something on my breast and now it’s on my face. Are people are going to be looking at my face and saying, ‘Is she wearing a bra on her face?’

” If you take the bra itself and take a look at it, you can see how it fits over a lot of faces pretty easily. Each bra is various since we all have different breasts and various cup sizes, so it does appear to be better face coverage with the bigger breast. Thinner bras don’t work too in my experience.”

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