How To Make a Face Mask – Kippi in the house

How To Make a Face Mask – Kippi in the house

During our time in your home my daughter, Olivia, and I wished to do something to support our community. Olivia discovered a pattern on Circut Style Area and she made a lots of masks using her Cricut Maker which pattern. To assist in mentor how to stitch a mask I made a video while Olivia was sewing one (you can see it.)

I wished to make some material face masks the old-fashioned method with a pattern and scissors so that I could share how to make them without a Circut Maker.

Please note these cloth masks are not an alternative for medical-grade (N95) masks for healthcare employees describe the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) for information also how to remove your mask and cleaning your hands.

How to Sew Face Masks

To have a little enjoyable I wished to utilize printed materials in hopes of bringing happiness to somebody. After choosing my materials I prepared them for pre-washing by serging the cut edges to avoid fraying.

Sewing a Pleated Face Mask

Pleated material face masks

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Notification the nose area of the pleated masks is curved where I installed a piece of wire hence making these masks more comfortable to wear.

Two styles of simple sew face masks

Supplies for a homemade face mask (pleated design)

Using a material marker to trace the mask pieces

Cutting the face material utilizing the lining piece as the pattern

Cutting the predisposition strips

Ruler on the material predisposition

Place right sides together pin and then stitch

Turn right sides out

Making the Predisposition Tape

Bought bias tape is just available in minimal colors and can be expensive. For this factor, I like to make my bias tape with a predisposition tape maker, rotary cutter and 6-foot ruler.

Cutting one inch-bias strip with a rotary blade

Making predisposition tape for ties and the mask edges

Ironing the predisposition tape as I pull the predisposition strips

After stitching the short sides of the mask turn right side out and press the seams.

Iron the side seams

marks and pin the predisposition tape to the lining and stitch in location

sew predisposition tape in location

Ties and predisposition binding sewed and prepared for pleats

to hold the wire in place This mask style is comfortable to wear however it needs an opening for a removable filter to improve the purification. Cricut Face Mask Pattern( SVG files) My child, Olivia, discovered a complimentary pattern for face masks on Circut Style Area.

She used her Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore

( with a fabric cutting blade and cotton bonded fabric) cutting devices to cut out all the face mask pieces. To make it much easier to discover how to make a mask we made a video of Olivia sewing a Circut pattern mask( please view the video) They turned out best and the mask fits the very best and they also have a pocket that you can place a filter( you can use coffee filters) too, therefore, this is our favorite face mask pattern. Please note that this mask can be utilized in health care circumstances with an N95 mask in filter pocket, but be recommended to look for more information on this from your healthcare center. Cricut face mask Cricut mask with customized straps In addition, Olivia found that if she made a couple of modifications to the face mask pattern it made it

more comfortable to use, such as including a pocket for a nose clip( used to prevent your glasses from fogging) and ties that have an area with elastic.

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