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Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from naztaziacom Today I’m going to show you five easy face masks you can make with household items including no sew ones made from bandanas and sewing ones with elastics or ties

The purpose of these masks is simply to keep your germs from getting on someone else The first no sew option is made with the 22 inch by 22 inch bandana If you have an approved filter place it in the middle Fold the top down and fold the bottom up You can use either rubber bands or hair ties

Place one elastic on the right side like this and place the other elastic on the left side The distance between the elastics is the cloth part that will cover your mouth and nose Fold the right side inwards and then the left side Tuck one side of the fabric inside like this Hold the mask by the two elastics

Place it over your face and attach the elastics to the ears Here’s what it looks like By the way if you don’t have a bandana just cut out a 22 inch square from a heavyweight t-shirt and use that instead Now my son does not like the elastics around his ears For him I placed the bandana down like a diamond instead

And fold the left corner inward and the right corner He does however like baseball caps and hats So place the bandana around the nose and mouth area like this You can twist the two ends a bit if you wish Tuck the one end inside the opening of the hat in back

And tuck the other end in to The hat is fairly tight on his head and holds these ends in nicely And here’s a face mask my son does not mind wearing My daughter is not thrilled about the elastics either So we place a bit of her hair in a ponytail about here on her head

Wrap the bandana around the front like this Twist the ends a bit then tie it above the ponytail Now that I’ve shown you the no sew options I’m going to show you two different sewing options For both of these you can use a sewing machine or just hand sew them They recommend 100% cotton and quilting cotton is a nice thick option, as would a heavyweight t-shirt as well

Step 1 is to cut out two pieces of fabric – each ten inches wide by six inches in height Next place both fabric pieces together with the right side or printed side facing upwards Make 1/4 inch seam along the top edge and one along the bottom edge Don’t worry if it’s not perfect we’re just making a face mask not a complicated quilt pattern Quarter inch seams on the top and bottom

Next turn the piece inside out or technically right-side out Straighten it out a bit And I do like to press it flat with an iron Now on our two shorter ends we’re going to fold up the fabric a quarter of an inch or thereabouts And fold it again

Pressing it with an iron makes it easier to sew Be sure to do this on both of the shorter sides Now we’re going to make stitches to hold this hem in place Try to get as close to the inside edging as possible We’ll need to fish the elastics through the hem we’re creating

It’s time to insert some elastic If you have soft quarter-inch elastic that would work nicely, but if not look around the house I’m sure you can find some elastic you can cut out and use for this project My favorite are these hair ties They are extremely soft around the ears

Whatever you choose to use you’ll need about six or seven inches If you happen to have a crochet hook you can easily insert it into the hemmed part and pull the elastic through using this method And if not a trick my dad showed me as a child is to pin a safety pin to the edge of the elastic and use it to guide it through like this It’s up to you if you want to tie and knot the elastics or sew them together You won’t feel them inside the hemmed part so it doesn’t really matter which method you choose

Fish the knotted or sewn part inside the hemmed part You might want to put a stitch or two at both openings of the elastic to hold it in place but you don’t have to Once you’ve completed the other side it’s time to try on the mask The nice printed side should face outwards and the back side should face inwards Now if you prefer ties I found shoelaces work quite nicely

You can also use ribbon or any kind of string that you can find Instead of fishing the elastics through, use the method to fish the shoelaces through instead With this I found I do need to place a couple of stitches just on the top part of both sides of the mask to hold the shoelaces in place My husband likes to pre-tie and knot the top strands in place Then slip over the head

Then he uses the bottom ones to make a tie in the back The nice thing about the tie method is if you have a good mask on underneath this one will slip over the good one nicely And that’s how I make face masks for my entire family To get more videos like this please subscribe to my YouTube channel

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