How to make a face mask at home – that’s both fashionable and protective

Face masks are becoming an increasingly frequent sight across the country, with more and more people using them in an effort to protect themselves and others from the spread of Covid-19. 

With news that the government is making face coverings mandatory in shops, they’ve never been more essential. They are already compulsory on public transport, and you can no longer hop in an Uber taxi without one either. The masks do not need to be surgical standard, but one that you make yourself at home is fine. 

Now you can pin the ends of your elastic ear hooks into place, with one fixed between the two layers of fabric at the top and bottom corners on the left, and the other mirroring it on the right.

Stitch those two side seams closed, then turn the mask the right way out by pulling the fabric through the filter hole.

Finally you’re ready to make your pleats, which will make the mask more comfortable and flexible to wear. Use three pins on each vertical side to mark four equal sections – this is where your pleats will be. 

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