How to Make a DIY Face Mask (With No Sewing) | Urban Survival Site

How to Make a DIY Face Mask (With No Sewing) | Urban Survival Site

The CDC is officially recommending that everyone wear face masks in public. Why? Because now there is evidence that coronavirus can be spread through talking and breathing.

So if you’re going out and can’t stay more than six feet away from others, you’ll definitely want to wear a face mask. Even standing six feet away from others might not be enough. And unfortunately, face masks are sold out everywhere.

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Disclaimer: The DIY face mask described below is not medical grade, and we can’t guarantee it will stop you from catching coronavirus. Viruses are so tiny that they can get through almost any face mask.

However, viruses are usually suspended inside tiny drops of spittle that people cough or sneeze out, and those droplets shouldn’t be able to get through the mask. Still, you’ll want to be very careful. Don’t touch your face or adjust your mask when you’re out.

And if you yourself are sick, you must wear a mask in public. The last thing you want to do is cough or sneeze around others and accidentally spread the virus. Wearing a face mask reduces the odds of your spreading it to someone else.

With all that in mind, you can make a mask that fits snugly against your face with items from around your home. It should only take about ten minutes. Here’s how to do it.

Note: These instructions are from a Youtube video by Jenny W. Chan. You can see the video at the bottom of this post.

Supplies Needed:


1. Lay the sheet of paper over the paper towel. Fold the paper to fit the size of the paper towel, leaving a half-inch above the bottom of the paper towel.

2. Cut the paper at the fold you made and set it on top of the paper towel.

3. Grab the aluminum foil and rip a piece about the size of the cut paper.  Fold the foil into a 1-inch strip and place it on top of the loose paper, aligning it with the edge of the paper. You will repeat this step for the bottom of the paper.

4. Use six strips of masking tape to secure the aluminum foil.

5. Next, fold the paper and paper towel combo in half and then fold one half down about half an inch; this will create a Z-fold on the side.

6. Take what you’ve created so far and place it face down on another paper towel.

7. Now fold down the top and bottom of the mask and secure with tape on the outer-side edges.

8. On the top center, fold a small zigzag on either side of where your nose is going to sit in relation to the mask. It will look like a small folded trapezoid shape.

9. Try on the mask to create proper alignment to your face. Once you have the nose folds in a comfortable position, tape down these folds. Repeat these steps on the bottom for your chin.

10. Fold the side edges down one more time for reinforcement, about ½ inch and tape down.

11. With your hole puncher, or an alternative method, punch two holes on each side, one on top and one on the bottom.

12. Loop a rubber band through the top hole, and the lower hole, and then tie them together. Repeat on the second side.

Here’s what it should look like when you’re done:

If you’re still confused by these instructions, be sure to watch the video below to see how it’s done.

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