First, they were all about serving a protective necessary function. But now, about 10 weeks after the explosion of the COVID-19 outbreak, face masks are beginning to serve a different role. Just like all the fashion accessories that came before them, face masks are now showing off a little piece of ourselves to the everyday world, making a quick, mouth-and-nose-covering statement to all those who cross our paths.

Since face masks appear to be sticking around for a while and you might as well make the best of it, we’ve got a variety of cotton face mask four-packs available. Each comes with a fun print that says, hey, just because I’m covering up doesn’t mean I’m okay with some boring white N95 mask.

No, these sets each come with a distinct vibe to them, so like the rest of your wardrobe, you can match your personal fashion sense with your particular mood or style. Each is made from premium cotton to stay soft, breathable, and comfortable with a pair of adjustable earloops to keep your mask firmly secured.

And the looks…well, that’s what it’s all about, right? Beyond the life-saving protection, obviously. With the , you get a boldly-colored set with paint splotches, a rainbow-colored animal maw and even the ever-popular gray camo look.

Meanwhile, the is a bit more muted, yet still artistically vibrant. They may not inspire true 60’s flashbacks, but the hippie aesthetic is alive and well here.

The is, well, made for the kiddies…or at least, the very most light-hearted of adults. With baby animals, unicorns and cute-as-a-button monster faces, you can practically guarantee your look won’t be ignored.

The sci-fi fans and cosmically-minded, this is all about slapping some right across your kisser and boldly going where no one has gone before. At least, not this stylishly, for sure.

Finally, your mask is covering your upper lip, so why not pretend you’ve got a world-class mustache even if you don’t? These four black masks featuring with curl and style tell everyone you’re just too darn cultured for a plain boring mask. 

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