With more free time on your hands, self-isolation is the perfect time to ramp up your skincare.

And Halle Berry was advocating for just that – “a #SelfcareSunday” – on her Instagram recently.

The 53-year old actress, who’s famous for her glowy and dewy complexion, shared a 4-ingredient DIY face mask on Instagram that she’s been indulging in during lockdown.

“No better time than now for a #SelfcareSunday. Let’s re•spin our skin ya’ll. Today, I’m sharing one of my favourite at home face mask recipes, using ingredients a lot of you will already have in the kitchen. This potion brightens, tightens, reduces fine lines and enhances that natural glow and it’s super easy! Check @respin’s instagram now for the recipe!!” she captioned her post.

If you’re experiencing #isoface – where your skin is breaking out and looks lacklustre – Berry’s nourishing face “potion” could boost your overall skin health.

The best thing about it? You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen already.

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Halle Berry’s DIY anti-wrinkle mask

Berry shared the full recipe and directions on how to use the mask, on respin’s Instagram story.


1. Firstly, mix all four ingredients together, stirring vigorously.

2. Then, apply a “generous coat” on the face and neck, and leave on for about three minutes.

3. Add a SECOND coat (you heard it right) and leave it on for another 10 minutes.

4. Rinse with cold water and apply your favourite moisturiser as per usual.

It’s detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing…

According to respin’s Instagram story, the mask contains highly beneficial ingredients for the skin.

Firstly, the detoxifying lemon “ cleanses, brightens, and regenerates” the skin and the nourishing turmeric reduces inflammation (goodbye, redness).

Meanwhile, green tea is a powerful addition which prevents “premature ageing, combats UV damage, and de-puffs skin”, while the yoghurt (high in lactic acid) acts as an exfoliant and eliminates dead skin cells.

Moral of the story? Masks like these prove that you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars into skincare.

So, set some #selfcare time aside – or pop on the mask while you WFH – and reap the benefits of Berry’s genius skincare trick.

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