Discover how to make a Do It Yourself kid face mask with a complimentary sewing pattern. This face mask PDF pattern has ear loops and a neck band so that it can’t be lost.

In my state kids are needed to wear face masks to go back to school with adjusted schedules. I recognized that kids are going to quickly and rapidly lose their masks if they are not linked to them even when they take them off.

I produced a face mask PDF sewing pattern that has ear loops and it has a neck band. The ear loops are the most convenient way to keep the mask up in the ideal location without having anything review the hair. The neck band has a velcro closure so it’s simple to put on and take off, however if the mask is pulled down to eat or consume it spends time the neck.

There was a lot of thought that entered into this mask. The face part is a curved style for the finest shape, and it’s to be made with 2 layers of quilting cotton.

The neck band is made with cotton spandex for comfort and stretch. The velcro makes altering sizes easy in addition to getting it on and off. The ear loops are truly soft cotton spandex.

The mask will just remain on the neck when it’s not being used.

The pattern comes in sizes 3-6 years and 7-10 years. It’s very adjustable. My two children will be wearing and sharing the smaller sized size, and the velcro makes this possible. My kid will be using the larger size.

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DIY kid Face Mask with Free sewing pattern


Eliminate two faces pieces of quilting cotton for the front. Cut out two face pieces of quilting cotton for the lining. I like to use a strong color for the lining to assist my kids know which is the inside.

Cut four pieces of the neck band from cotton spandex. Cut 2 ear loops from cotton spandex.

Cut two pieces of interfacing or quilting cotton to stabilize the back of the neckband.

With right sides together pin the front curve of the face mask together. Do the same to the lining.

Sew the center front seam with a 1/4 inch joint allowance.

Press the joint allowance of the center front seam to the right and topstitch it in place.

With best sides together pin the neckband pieces to the face pieces matching up the notches. Sew the joint with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Press the joint allowance towards the back and topstitch in location. Do the exact same to the lining.

With ideal sides together pin the face mask to the lining. Match up all the edges.

Sew around the edge with 1/4 inch seam allowance, however leave the ear curves unsewn.

Turn the mask best side out through the ear curves.

Press the edges to make it flat and crisp.

Topstitch around the edges of the mask but leave the ear curves open.

With right sides together sew the brief edges of the ear loops. Fold the ear loops in half wrong sides together to produce a thinner tube.

Pin the ear loops with the fabric folding over the fabric of the ear curve. It’s much like including bias binding however there is less folds.

With a zigzag stitch sew the ear loops onto the mask. Only sew from one side of the curve to the other.

Leave the top of the ear loop without any stitches so that it remains soft.

Cut pieces of velcro 2 inches long and pin to the neckband. Ensure that the hook side of the velcro will point far from the skin.

Stitch the velcro on.

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