Free DIY Fabric Face Mask Pattern and Tutorial ⋆ Geek Mamas

Free DIY Fabric Face Mask Pattern and Tutorial ⋆ Geek Mamas

Last Friday the CDC revealed they are now to wear a fabric face-covering mask in public to slow the spread of coronavirus. This also makes it possible to save the medical grade masks for the medical community and those that have a higher threat of infection. I looked at heaps of various DIY face mask patterns and wound up drafting my own after not liking the method numerous of them fit. The pattern I’ve made is for a simple reversible, washable face mask with elastic loops. You can change the flexible with ties if preferred.

If you do not stitch and wish to buy ready-made masks, I have actually been putting a couple of for sale in my Etsy store: Sew Geek Mom on Etsy. I have actually been contributing the majority of what I make and the masks on Etsy help cover the costs of that.

From Pretend Super Hero Capes to Reality Saving Masks

I have a great deal of material leftover from when I made outfits, so I’ve been going through my incredibly hero stash and utilizing what I need to make them. My masks were made from polyester satin, but the majority of people have been utilizing cotton. The very first ones I made were all from my Wonder Woman cape fabric, so that’s why they are red, white and blue! You can make them in one solid color utilizing any fabric you choose.

DIY Face Mask Pattern and Tutorial

The pattern I prepared is based upon numerous I discovered online, with a couple of tweaks. It makes a double layer, reversible mask that contours around the nose and hooks over the ears with flexible. You’ll need to eliminate four pieces of material and utilize two 5 1/2 ″ pieces of flexible. Usage 7 ″ elastic for bigger heads. If printed at the correct size, the bottom side needs to be 5 1/2 ″ inches and completions 3 ″.

Directions for Sewing Face Mask

1) Trace your pattern onto the side of the fabric you do not want to show and eliminate 4 pieces. I usually put pins in after I trace it, however prior to I cut it so it keeps the pieces together.

2) You’ll have two sets of mask pieces when eliminated. Straight stitch these down the front side using 1/4 ″ seam allowance. The setting I utilized on my sewing maker was A2. A lot of patterns recommend doing little cuts on the curved ends. I attempted it both ways and didn’t see much of a distinction in the final item so you can probably avoid that action. Sometimes I include it if my seam comes out wider than I anticipated.

3) Open your pieces and pin the ideal sides of the material together, so you sew on the seamed sides, utilizing the very same stitch and seam allowance. Don’t stress which way the seam lies. I tried it a number of various methods- exact same direction, opposite, opened-up … and the end outcome was basically all the very same.

4) Now it’s time to flip it ideal side out and sew completions! I use an iron for this part. You’re going to turn the raw edges in about 1/4 ″– 1/2 ″, generally as much as you require to get a straight line. I put a pin in the center and then flatten it with the iron.

5) Next take your flexible— I use 5 1/2 ″ for regular size and about 7 ″ for larger heads/faces– and tuck it outdoors ends and pin in place.

6) Utilize a zigzag sew down the open ends, backstitching over the elastic to make certain it is kept in place. The setting I use on my device for this part is C2. Do both sides and you are done! I like to complete it up with the iron to make certain whatever lies well.

If the elastic feels a little tight on the ears, I discovered it chills out if you give it a couple of excellent pulls. Likewise, if you wish to make one with open ends to place a filter, simply end up the edges after you stitch the front ends together, and then simply zigzag the flexible in place at the top and bottom.

Hope you found this tutorial easy to comprehend! If you have any questions, please publish them. All the best and remain safe out there!

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