With face masks becoming compulsory in more and more places I wanted to produce a round-up of face mask patterns. So I have gathered together patterns including simple ones to sew and crochet or knit. Cloth face coverings should NOT be worn by children under the age of 2 (CDC recommendation) or 3 (UK Government recommendation).

Currently in the UK face masks are compulsory if you are visiting hospitals travelling on public transport and soon to be compulsory in shops. They are thought to reduce the spread of airborne particles and in my opinion, anything that can help reduce the spread of germs is a good thing.

I have two different style masks that my friend from Hat Therapy made for me and she is selling them and Sally has a round up of where you can buy facemasks in the UK, but there is a myriad of patterns out there and with trial and error you can find one that suits you and your family. There are three main types of masks – pleated, fitted or scarf. You can have them with or without nose wire and can use ties instead of elastic. It really is down to what you find more comfortable.

Looking after your homemade fabric face mask

Cloth face coverings should be washed after each use. The CDC suggests popping in with your laundry on a regular wash or using a bleach solution if washing by hand.

Either tumble dry or air dry your mask before rewearing.

Free Printable Face Mask Patterns

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