Make your own reusable face mask that is breathable, comfortable to wear and easy to stitch with this simple face mask pattern! Keep yourself and your family safe from bacteria and infections with an adorable fabric face mask pattern made in the fabric you love!Face mask pattern Hey

, guys! Today I’ll be

showing you a little task I wasn’t very pleased to make: a face mask pattern! This job was motivated by the corona virus craziness we’re all going through right now! It wasn’t a pleased job because I would quite rather spend my time sewing other stuff that is fun and pleasurable rather of sewing because there’s no other choice at the moment.I’ve been trying to find face masks about 2 weeks ago! I discovered a couple of however the rate was

ridiculous and the drug store wouldn’t sell more than 5 to each person. We obviously needed a lot more than that considering these masks are not recyclable and they get damp quite easily implying we must change them every number of hours or so. I made a quick. mathematics and I wasn’t pleased with the cash I was gon na invest on these low quality masks, even if I might find more to stockpile on!And then my partner recommended I need to make my own face mask pattern and stitch a few for each of us! It was the finest suggestion I heard lately! I know medical professionals do not advise using a face mask unless we’re sick or around sick individuals, but I ‘d rather be safe than sorry so I went ahead and continued to my plan.More quick scrap tasks: I decided to make our masks recyclable and extremely protective so I made them with two layers of fabric and left a space in between these layers for an additional layer of”air filter “which can be played by a wet tissue that’s been dried up first or simply routine tissue paper. The inner layer of fabric was interfaced for extra filtering purposes. All these were additional measures which are a bit unneeded due to the fact that of the outer layer of fabric which is waterproof. However as discussed above, better safe than sorry!I had practically whatever I needed in my stash except for the external material which I needed to be water resistant to offer a safe guard for mouth and nose in case somebody sick sneezes or coughs in a close distance. I figured a low-cost child size umbrella would work so I bought an inexpensive one, got rid of the material and traced my pattern over. It worked like a charm and sewing this type of fabric was a breeze, absolutely nothing frightening or tough as I expected!For those arguing that medical professionals do not consider homemade face masks safe in case of effective infections like the Covid-19, I think this mask is quite safe and a better quality than regular face masks.Features of this face mask Prepared to make your own? Here is the face mask pattern and below are the

step by action instructions!Note: my face is pretty little so I used the kiddo size pattern, something you may wan na consider if your face is small too. Get FREE access to my entire resource library!Signup for updates on brand-new posts, items & special deals and get

access to my entire resource

library! Face mask sewing pattern Products: Directions: Make the layers

=”” width =”1103 “height=”736 “data-lazy-srcset

=” 1103w,×200.jpg 300w,×667.jpg 1000w,×512.jpg 768w,×500.jpg 750w”data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 1103px)100vw, 1103px”data-pin-description=”Make your own multiple-use face mask that is breathable, comfy to wear and simple to sew with this simple face mask pattern! Keep yourself and your household safe from germs and infections with a charming fabric face mask pattern made in the fabric you enjoy!”data-lazy-src=””> Place the wire Cut the elastics Assemble the pieces together Finish the mask I hope you liked this tutorial and found it useful! I would love to know your feedback so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks and pleased sewing!Pin to save for later on Hi, I’m Petro, author and founder of Easy Peasy Creative Concepts. Sewist, crafter, avid DIY-er, foodie, photographer, housewife and mommy to one. I’m a professional at creating fast, creative sewing pointers, recycling crafts and simple, easy dishes! You can discover my ideas featured in trustworthy publications such as Country Living, Great Home Keeping, Yahoo News, WikiHow, Shutterfly, Parade, Brit & Co and more. Thanks

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