Contemplating the ever rising pollution level on our Earth, respiratory face mask will soon become an essential item in our life. Every year around May till August, we will be attacked by terrible haze, as our neighboring country started to mass-burn their plantation wastes during this dry weather period to clear out their land while producing fertilizers for the next cycle (emmm, not a right way to recycle, huh~). The hazardous smokes and burning particles were being transported by the wind which is blowing towards us, settled in and won’t go any where else unless the rain washes them down. At times, the API (Air Pollution Index) can go up to 400 (hazardous) in certain area. The haze is dusty, smokey and obscuring the clarity of the sky, the most important thing is that it caused eye and respiratory irritation, it is life threatening especially to the young and elderly person, and those with weak heart and lungs .

Besides limiting the outdoor activities and switch on air purifier at home, my BFF and I urgently needed the face mask for our kids to wear.  Like most kids nowadays, they have weak lungs and vulnerable respiratory system, the haze will impact a lot on their health condition. What makes us furious and anxious was that the kid’s size face mask were out of stock in the market. So, I sewed up a storm on this double layered face mask recently and gave some away to whom who needed them. In order to share out more so that you can sew your own washable and reusable face mask, I made the pattern into 3 sizes, small kids (around age of 3-6, young kids (7-12) and Teenage & Adult. Not recommended for baby. It is not medical rated but good enough to filter out those haze particles and bad smell.

Before you start sewing, please pre-wash all fabrics before sewing, and wash it again prior wearing it. In this tutorial, I used quilting weight cotton on both layers, which is good enough for basic filtration. Besides, I sewed some in cotton flannel as the lining too, the filtration is even better but not recommended for small kids as it might be a little difficult for them to breath through properly.

Apart from wearing it on hazy day, the face mask would be good for the motorcyclists, bicyclists and whoever need to travel on a heavy traffic road. Exhaust gas from motor vehicles is even perilous and unhealthy! Also, you can use it on your sick days, to prevent spreading the viruses via your respiratory discharge.

Just a suggestion, you can also DIY the face mask for something fun, for example, adding some drawings on a plain white face mask like a “Red Hot Lips”, “No-Teeth”, “Skeleton Teeth” (a perfect match with the skeleton costume during Halloween), or any funny smiles!!! Just to have fun 🙂

See us posing for the face masks…. For Better Life, cheers!!! ***camera rolls***

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