Face Mask Fashion From Around The World – J&O Fabrics Store Newsletter Blog

Face Mask Fashion From Around The World – J&O Fabrics Store Newsletter Blog

Armored up and blinged out true Nollywood style! 

As health officials and government leaders around the globe have been taking precautionary  measures to  ‘flatten the curve’, fashionistas world-wide have started to fall in line in their own creative way.

What started out as a safety measure, in a seemingly short time, became yet another way to express ones self while aiding in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.  And although mostly a trending safety protocol for now, we have a feeling it’s an accessory that’s here to stay awhile.  As such, we thought it would be fun to virtually travel around the world for a little inspiration capturing. After all, if it’s going to become part of our daily ensemble, we might as well make it the creative tool of individual expression and fashion it can certainly be.

Designer: Arinian-NemeN

Armored up and on the front lines. 

Designer: Mac Fashion House

Geometric prints make this fashion statement from Mac Fashion Design House.

Billie Ellis for Gucci

Celebrity artist Billie Ellis is Gucci down from head to toe. 

Designer: Devil Fashion Steam Punk

The Devil may have worn Prada, but in the time of Covid-19, she’s leather down in Fashion Steam Punk

Jamaica face mask fashion

The pride of Jamaica is represented in this colorful island mask fashion.

Designer: Simply Netfah camo fashion

Philly face mask fashion on the front lines with coordinating head wrap!

Harajuku face mask fashion

Haraiuku street fashion has ALWAYS made a statement. The youth rule!

Nana Kwame Bediako….Ghana

Ghanaian millionaire Nana Kwame used his platform to inspire a movement to flatten the curve with his fashionable face masks.

Vietnam face mask fashion

We peeked into Vietnam and found this face art making a fashion statement. Beautiful!

Tokyo face mask fashion

When Goth fashion and leather meet in Tokyo, apocalyptic style face fashion is born!

New York Fashion Week mask

Even Fashion Week runways found a way to add another layer of flair to the cat walk. 

face mask fashion….Japan

Japan fashion has always been over the edge. This one is a conversation piece from head to toe for sure!

Making or sporting unique face mask fashion of your own and would like to share?

Post your creative face mask fashion on our Facebook page.

As creatives, we can never be inspired enough.

With over 1 million yards of cotton, dress, designer and unique fabric in stock, J&O Fabrics is your #1 stop for your creative face mask fashion fabric.

Stay healthy, stay grounded, and STAY CREATING!

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