Social distancing and quarantine are terms we have become too familiar with lately. In the current pandemic situation, staying indoors and keeping a physical distance from people are the new normal. But stepping out for essentials is important and there is an unlikely hero that is saving lives every time you visit a grocery store- the humble Face Mask!

If you have been looking for a medical Face Mask in your local pharmacy and are unable to find any- worry not. We are here to share nifty DIY ideas that’ll help you get a face mask ready in minutes! The bonus? It’ll look cute, too!

Even if you do manage to get your hands on Face Masks (especially N-95 respirators), we implore you to leave them for our wonderful healthcare professionals who’re fighting tooth and nail to keep us all healthy.

Besides, a little DIY fun with family or friends is exactly what the doctor ordered. You’ll be creating something useful AND you’ll add one more skill to your arsenal. Win-win! And don’t worry, if sewing is not your thing, some hot glue will work just fine!

So, let’s start. Do you have an old Bra you have been meaning to discard? Hang on to it! Presenting the Bra Face Mask– a Zivame special!

Things you need:


Isn’t that super cool? This DIY idea is recycling at it’s best! 

That’s not all, we have another nifty Face Mask idea that you can make into a DIY project:

Things you need:


To wear the Face Mask, place the flap-side on your nostrils and mouth, covering both properly. Secure the hair ties on your ears. Now you’re ready to step out and get some grocery shopping done. We told you, it’s super simple!

Care Instructions & tips:

Ladies, try these easy DIY Face Masks and share this information with your friends and family. Use it whenever you step out of your house – but only when necessary. Let’s all do our bit and stay home, stay safe and help save lives.

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