I’d been asked by my friends at work if I could make facemasks since we are in a shared workspace, our benches have been moved 2 meters apart but there is still a lot of contact whilst we are walking around the workshop and we’d like to try and limit the amount of germs that might be spreading.

I sat down for a few hours this afternoon, played around with some ideas for a face maks pattern and posted a photo of me in my mask on social media (It makes me look a bit like an old western bandit!) and had people ask for a step by step tutorial.

Please Note
These are in no way supposed to do the job of a medical mask, they are purely to stop you touching your face as much and try to limit the amount of germs we may be transmitting. There has been a study on the efficacy of homemade masks using various materials but these are meant as more of a personal safety precaution.

Easy DIY (non-medical) Face Mask Pattern and Tutorial

You will need:
Cotton fabric – I use two pieces to make a 2-ply mask but you can add another layer or two if you feel it is of benefit
1.5m of bias tape (how to make bias binding with a bias tape tool and without a tool)
Sewing Machine

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