Do It Yourself Face Mask

1. Turmeric (1 \ 4 tsp)(keep in mind that turmeric leaves stain)

2. Gram flour or Besan (1tbsp)

3. Milk (Include till it reaches the consistancy of a thick paste) or you can utilize Milk cream rather.

Mix all the ingrediants to make it a thick paste. Use on face and leave it for 15 minutes. As soon as dried wash off with cold water.

Preparation time- 5 Minutes

This is a face mask that all most all Indians have actually been traditionally using for many years.

There are a number of benefits of this facemask such as:-

1. Turmeric has Anti-Bacterial Characteristics

2. It assists avoid Pimples.

3. Assists for brighter skin.

4. Besan or Gram flour has zincwhich assists battle with the infections that trigger your face to emerge with acne. It likewise eliminates tan and dead skin on the face.

5. Milk in the face mask serves as a hydrating representative which helps in nourishing the skin and likewise functions as an exfoliator, it is likewise an excellent toner.

Hope this mask assists you treat your skin!

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