Do It Yourself Face Mask Obstacle

Do It Yourself Face Mask Obstacle

Masks in general can make you look totally awesome, whether you use them on Halloween or to a superhero celebration. Lately, we have actually been seeing a various kind of mask entered style: Fabric face masks. While cloth masks worn over the nose and mouth will not protect the wearer from capturing a health problem like coronavirus, they may keep the user from spreading an infection to others. All together, masks are quite cool, huh?

Your difficulty is to make a face mask that’s comfortable and looks cool.

Your face mask should:

Did you make a totally incredible mask? Utilize the link above to submit a picture, video, or story about your mask style to be consisted of in our Gallery of Excellence and receive a Certificate of Awesome in the mail!

Face Mask Material Concepts:

There are 2 alternatives for completing this challenge:

Choice A: Coronavirus Mask Materials
If you wish to follow CDC standards for homemade masks, then you’ll need

Choice B: Recreational Mask Products
If you want to make a cool mask that is fun to wear, but doesn’t slow the spread of viruses, then you’ll require:

Feeling Stuck? Try This First:

All you require is a material square, 2 elastic band, and a U.S. Surgeon General

Now Challenge Yourself:

More Face Mask Resources And Guides:

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