Do It Yourself Face Mask Holder and Organizer – Keeping it Simple

Do It Yourself Face Mask Holder and Organizer – Keeping it Simple

Do It Yourself Face Mask Holder and Organizer

We live in the state of Washington and they just made it necessary to use masks in public, so I needed some method to keep our face masks organized and displayed so we won’t forget them as we leave to head out. I had them in the little green basket on our shoe storage, however that was a big mess and individuals were getting the incorrect masks that didn’t fit them. So I headed out searching for a method to hold the masks and separate them so everyone could discover their masks easily. This is what I developed and I enjoy how it turned out!

This is how I made the DIY face mask holder.

I found this indication at Hobby Lobby on clearance however it’s something that you can easily make with simply a piece of wood and then you can add the charming hello. to it (I have a cut apply for it).

The first thing I did was painted the wood. It was pretty scratched, plus I enjoyed a gray rather of black. So I took off the hooks and then taped up the sides with tape.

I painted the board gray. I used a due to the fact that it fasts and dries rapidly.

I then removed the tape and put the hi. onto the board. I cut it out of. I utilized my to cut out the vinyl and then utilized to put it onto the board. You can get the cut file here:

I wound up purchasing two of the boards since I desired 7 hooks and it was a bargain, so I bought the 2nd board simply for the hooks. The top is what it looked like before I painted it. I put the hooks back onto the board and then I included the 3 other hooks.

And that’s it! I put it onto the wall and then included the face masks. Everybody has their own hook, so they will understand which masks are theirs. If you wish to see how I make these face masks, examine out this.

We intend on having the clean masks on the board and then the filthy ones can enter into the baskets and I will clean them, that way they aren’t using filthy.

I like how it ended up and how the face masks search them. If you would have told me that I would be making something like this 6 months earlier, I would have laughed if your face … crazy world right now.

I in fact really enjoy the font for the hey there, it’s chunky and strong and charming.

I made this indication some time ago however I believed that I would share the cut declare it too, because I like this stating and tip for everyone to be kind and make someone smile everyday. You can get the cut file for this indication here:

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