Do It Yourself: Face Mask # 2 Child and Young child

Do It Yourself: Face Mask # 2 Child and Young child

Based upon my basic face mask tutorial, it’s still a 3-layer mask except these are sized down and “child” includes a somewhat different building! It also uses a very thin undershirt for the “filter” layer and make usage of scraps from developing the adult mask! You can also produce a lighter mask for child by omitting the “filter” layer entirely.

These can be found in 3 sizes- Young child Large (Wraparound), Toddler Small, and Infant (approx. 1yo). For the 2 smaller sizes, the middle layer is optional. Ensure to select 100% Cotton or Baby-Safe Fabrics. Make certain Baby Mask is constantly worn while monitored.

UPGRADE: Young child Big fits a 4.5 years of age. Toddler Little fits a 1 year old. Child doesn’t fit anyone!


  • External Fabric (Quilting Cotton)
  • Cushioning (Old Undershirt)
  • Inner Lining (Cotton Muslin)
  • Flexible Hairties (Two 2mm-thick Ties)
  • Paper (for creating template)
  • Thread

Produce Design Template (Young Child Large)

  • Cut paper 10 ″ x 3.5 ″.
  • Fold in half lengthwise, however widthwise.
  • Mark paper 1.5 ″ in from top-left corner, 1.0 ″ down from top-right corner. (ensure folds are oriented to the left and bottom)
  • Draw dotted line from top-left corner to top-right marks.
  • Cut along dotted line and unfold.
  • Done!

Produce Template (Toddler Small)

  • Cut paper 6 ″ x 3 ″. Do Steps 2-3.
  • Do Steps 4-5 but mark 1 ″ in from Top Left Corner and mark 1/2 ″ down from Leading Right Corner.
  • If making both Young child Large and Toddler Small, simply develop the Young child Large Design template, trace and cut using same template, then cut Infant material in half down vertical center. (photo # 7)

Create Design Template (Infant)

  • Cut paper 6 ″ x 2.5 ″. Do Actions 2-3.
  • Do Actions 4-5 but mark 1 ″ in from Leading Left Corner and mark 1/2 ″ below Leading Right Corner.

Cut and Stitch

  • Topstitch after turning inside out. (do this for Top and Bottom edges)
  • Place hair elastics before sewing side flaps shut. (picture)
  • For Baby:
    • Usage 1/4 ″ joint allowance for all sewing.
    • Leave Out Padding Layer for a lighter-weight, if desired.

Using Material Scraps

Completed Sizes
Toddler Large: Width 6.5 ″, Height 2.75 ″
Young Child Small: Width 5 ″, Height 2.5 ″
Infant: Width 3.5 ″, Height 2 ″

Care Instructions
Wash on Hottest
Dry on Highest Heat Setting
Sanitize by spritzing with water and ironing on Cotton Setting

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